what's a better album jay-z american gangster or kanye west graduation and why?

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    1 decade ago
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    Keeping in mind that I have only had the opportunity to hear 'American Gangster' over the course of the last two weeks (an acknowledgement that it might grow on me) I would ascertain that 'Graduation' is the better album.

    Whilst, Jay Z exhibits moments of brilliance on his new joints, I can't help but feeling that the lyrical ability he was once renowned for, is absent throughout a large majority of the piece. What's more, it sounds like some of the production feautured on the album is nothing more that a veritable collection of throwaway beats that didn't make it onto 'The Blueprint'.

    In comparison, 'Graduation' is a step in the right direction for West who constantly reinvents himself through the use of imaginative and innovative production. Whilst I am not a fan of his rapping ability (his metaphors for one are prosaic) one can excuse these shortcomings in light of his high quality beats.

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