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Can some please help me to describe primary health care.?

Your help is appreciated thank you

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    Primary health care, often abbreviated as PHC(Primary Health Centre) and PC, is "essential health care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community through their full participation and at a cost that the community and the country can afford to maintain at every stage of their development in the spirit of self-determination" (Alma Ata international conference definition)

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    A controlled system (by the AMA) where they make more and more money on poor sick people. They also want us doped up, so they prescribe lots and lots of drugs. This in turn makes us more sick, yet unable to protect ourselves because we are preoccupied with our illness or doped up on the meds.

    I think that adequately describes what we have in U.S. It is really shameful.

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    Your Primary care physician is the one who would give you a physical and you will have to go through them for referrals to any other doc.

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