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Does seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss?

Also, are there any proven natural remedies to control or rid of this condition? Any harm in using those tar shampoos over a long period of time? I am hesistant to do anything which will cause hair loss and am scared if I don't that the seborrheic dermatitis will itself cause hair loss. I also have it on face now :( Any sufferers know how to control this?

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    if you scratch and pick at it, yes, hair loss will occur. do you have a dermatologist? you can try stuff like t-gel products (shampoo, etc.), but you need a good dermatologist. good luck!

    Source(s): mom has had it for many years. hers is under control with help from derm.
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    Source(s): Herbal Hair Loss Remedies -
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    sorry dont know much about that but check this website :

    I moved to the states from Europe (to LA) , had the healthiest hair in the world, and somehow the environment there (hard water /pollution) made my scalp itch like crazy....I had never experienced this exept when I had lice when I was young...Dermatologist said I had psoriasis due to hard water and I had to install a water softener and everything.....I thinking about going back to EUROPE just because of that...hope u get better....try to live in a healthy place (nice mountain city with fresh water etc.) and you'll be fine I tell u

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    It can cause some hair loss you might want to see a doctor so you can determine proper treatment.The shampoo with coal tar in it works best in my opinion.It is Neoutrogena T Gel with coal tar.Good luck!

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    well i dont know that is on your face but the other stuff can be treated w/ "Head and Shoulders" shampoo. You got dandruff and in severe cases it causes hair loss.

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    it took my hair out about two years ago..but thank God it grew back..see a doctor..a

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    Go to a Dermatologist the sooner the better

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    dont know!!!!!!!

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