Husband doesn't want sex anymore. Any ideas why?

I don't understand. I try to dress up nice and do everything right, but he still doesn't even let me touch him.

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    Just because a man doesn't want to have sex doesn't mean that he's cheating on his wife. It doesn't mean that she has gained weight, how low can you guys get? Anyway. He may be under stress, maybe with work, family issues, etc. Trying to talk to him about it may not do anything but make things worse. Some men hold everything inside. They don't like talking about these kinds of issues, or the problem that causes them, because it makes them feel weak. Talking about stress, their feelings, etc. Give it some time, things will more than likely get better, a man can only go so long without it. lol. Good luck, and don't let people scare you into thinking that if any husband doesn't feel like having sex for a while, he MUST be cheating on his wife. Geeze. There's more to a marriage than just sex, any relationship for that matter.

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    He may a physical problem, may be going through depression, or may be thinking of and loving someone else. Maybe there are unsettled disagreements that the two of you haven't gotten resolved yet. Perhaps you are too available or not enough, or maybe he is too tired from work. Look at the big picture and maybe it will help you decide what is really going on in your relationship. It shouldn't be you always trying and him never responding. GB and GL... p.s. find something else to occupy your mind rather than worrying about him, if you try and he doesn't respond maybe some time away from focusing in on him may help..

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    maybe your a be- itch? LOL well I had not wanted my former husband- i lost respect-dirty, nappy, gross weight, more into himself being plzed -was not about what made me climax, so reverse all - that- and sometimes it is "US". sometimes 'we' have to keep him interested! perhaps you stopped respecting-talking-petnames, the touchy feely, things. perhaps kids mortgage stress-the other woman-the other man, YOU WILL never ever know- untill he tells u, if in fact he ever does. so best of luck with ur mariage-BUT DO NOT listen to us. We do NOT know him or you. You need a good marriage therapist, and put on your red shoes, perfumes, and go about your life, go have some fun-leave him at home, u may start seeing what it is-they always become more interested in us, when we are busy and liked-then he might come around. You will have to be strong-fake having a great time away from him, till u start having fun, because through all this u must be HAPPY-self happiness is important.

    God bless!

  • Adam L
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    The only thing you can do is talk to him about it.

    Dressing up to him nice and everything is a nice idea, but the only way you can really find out what has changed in your relationship is to have a frank discussion with him about it.

    It may be uncomfortable territory, and there may be times when it seems easier to just let him brush the conversation off, but you have to have this conversation at some point.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The one thing that turns me off is fighting or complaining about small things. Go out some night and have fun. Don't ask about why you're not having sex, just have fun and see what happens. Don't assume cheating or gay. My wife thought I was cheating, I simply told her I didn't want to have sex with her because she was being a ***** to me the past 2 weeks. It's all good now.

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    It would help to know how old he is. Also, has

    the rest of the relationship dwindled? Many

    couples quit having sex altogether, even early

    on in the relationship. A great number of people

    think nothing of it.

    If your relationship can't make it without sex, you

    may want to ask yourself what the true basis of

    your relationship truly is. If it is genuine compatibility,

    you will be able to get through this without issue.

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    maybe he is seeing somebody else.just keep trying.get out of the routine and start doing things he wouldnt spontaneous.go down on him while he is taking a bath,sing to him compliment him more,try and get more involved in the things he likes,help him in the yard or with the do-it-yourself home projects,tell him how much you appreciate him.just lift him alot of freaky stuff to him or to yourself and let him watch,lick your fingers when you touch him or yourself.if that dont work look under your kitchen sink for a mason jar labeled,"my husbands d@#"(just joking about the last part) SMILE

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    He could be gay or cheating, as the first answer said, or he could be experiencing difficulties in getting or maintaining an erection and far too embarrassed to tell you in case it makes him feel you see him as less of a man because of it.

    There are both physical and mental reasons for this happening, so don't right him off just yet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Now what guy doesn't want sex. It's the opposite for me, its my wife thats not interested in sex anymore. I would go on a romantic vacation and see if that helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    I hope this dont hurt but its being honest my dear he is either is cheating and wants out or he cant get it up anymore and this is a tough one so please be careful about all l hope its neither but it has to be one of them and l am old enough to know my friend its happen to me so trust me.So let me know very interested l am Ron here to help from Canada friend

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