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walmart code red!?

ok so i was reading this thing called fun things to do at wal mart...and it says "go up to an employee and say 'thers a code red in the gardening department' " what dose that mean? or wat is code red?

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  • josh
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    Code ADAM - we all know, is for a missing child

    Code Blue - bomb

    Code Red - Fire

    Code Orange - Chemical Spill

    Code Black - weather warning

    Code Green - Hostage Situation

    Code C - Customer Service (I was right!!) Sometimes used, when

    cashiers needed

    Code 10 - Dry Spill

    Code 20 - Wet Spill

    Code 90 - Management

    Code 300 - Security

    Store # - Backup needed.. (all male employees and security)

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    Walmart Code Black

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    Many of the codes in the original answer do not exist anymore. No one except employees know the true codes or their meanings, except for the "Code Adam."

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    I forget. A code black is FREAKY weather. Brown is a hostage or shooting event. Code "ADAM" is a lost rugrat-- they really freak w/that one.

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    It is a way of letting the Walmart employee that you are a jerk.

  • y didn u jus ask me u know i worked thur its FIRE!!!

    u want something more fun...?

    tell them have a code adam n jus walk away (missing child)

    or a code blue in the parking lot (bomb!!!)

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    wow thanks for asking this and thanks to josh :)

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