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Uh-OH!! I accidently shorted Stone Cold a nugget out of a 20-piece at McDonald's!! What should I expect now?

Yesterday, when there was a 20-piece ordered and I made the 20-piece, I accidently went too fast and put only 19 in there instead of 20 and even though it was only one nugget,

I remembered that the guy at the counter was a guy with crowds around him signing autographs, and it was

STONE COLD!!! I was gonna take the nugget box back and make sure it was 20 nuggets, but it was too late!

Is he gonna find out where I live, come over to my house, and open up a can of whoop-as@ on me, stomp a mudhole in me, and give me a Stone Cold Stunner and have a beer bash?

What am I gonna do?!!???


Just kidding, I don't work at McDonald's. I'm just looking for a good laugh again.

Give me your funniest, most hilarious reply.

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    Stone Cold is going to call his buddies. The Rock will Rock Bottom you. Ric Flair will chop you & slap the figure 4 on you. HBK will give you Sweet Chin Music. HHH will give you the Pedigree. RKO will give you... well, the RKO. Mick Foley will put Mr. Socko down your gullet. CM Punk will deliver his GTS. UT will give you a Toumbstone piledriver & give you the Last Ride. Then you will finally learn to count and give everyone 21 nuggets... just for good measure.

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    He'll Open A Can Whoop @$$ On You And Then You Can Buy Nuggets And See How It Feels To Eat While Your Akready Had A Can Whoop @$$!

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    He's going to pop you like beer can. your but wont hold shucks when gets his hands on you. You should run and hide some were far far away. Some place safe like Iraq.

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    I'm w / L but if someone tells him you can expect a beatdown.

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    thats funny!! i would never admit to working ta mcdonalds.

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    i want my 1 nugget!

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    It's okay he can't count.

  • Anonymous
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