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When will illegal aliens pay American taxpayers for the education, medical treatment, government services?

Why is the American taxpayer saddled with paying for the birth of illegal alien babies, education, medical and government handouts. i can barely pay my taxes now. what if the American taxpayer finally has had enough tells uncle sam i will pay no more taxes until you send the illegals back home. I will be in jail and the illegal will be free, thats just great.

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  • jean
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    Because our government chooses not to. If the IRS want to find them they could. When I was young and stupid I did not file any tax returns for 4 years, even when I had money coming back, and even moved several times, well the IRS found my last address and send me a notice that I better file, or face fines and even prison. Well I filed my back taxed got all my refunds with no penalties, but I never played fast and loose with them again. So just as immigration it's about the will not the way.

  • gldjns
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    They will never pay back the American taxpayers. If they had to reimburse anyone, it would be the Federal government of the United States, and that is about as likely as the moon turning into green cheese.

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    Well, since many have false identification, and get jobs where they are paid by check, they ARE paying taxes. And whenever they buy something they pay sales taxes. And they get nothing for those taxes.

    That's not all of them of course.

    And the free ride is a problem.

    An illegal has a child in the US, that child is by law a US citizen, entitled to an education, paid for by taxes. It would seem that the handouts are a major issue. But that's a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of the spending.

    Illegals are replacing some of the labor in the US, but it's only select labor positions, they aren't "stealing" engineering, teaching, medical, tech, and other non-labor jobs.

    There are certainly problems, but it's not as bad as some make it out to be.

    I'd be far more worried about the $9 trillion debt. You want to know why you can't pay your taxes now? In the time it takes you to read this the US government spends $200,000.

  • 4 years ago

    Agreed. It's part of the communist government we live under...Pretty sad really...Let's flush out the white race by allowing some illegals to soak up our welfare, healthcare, and time. Not to mention they are rude and sell drugs...What a waste. All Illegals need to be deported immediately, or shot...It's a harsh reality but it needs to be done. You don't steal, and get away with it! Thank You Obama for ******* up the United States of America..I pray you get impeached!

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    Yes, you are right. If Americans break the law, we are punished. If illegals break the law, they are rewarded.

    When employers are caught hiring illegals, they should pay for the illegals' taxes and then some. The main reason business owners hire illegals is that they can pay them in cash which in turn saves them on SS, disability taxes, etc and they don't have to pay for their health insurance.

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    Never.Because the politicians we have been voting into office both Republicans and Democrats have done nothing to enforce our immigration laws.

    I for one will be voting only for those candidates that are tough on illegal immigration. For those that want to blame the President solely this problem has existed for to many years to count the blame is everywhere including the Democrats running Congress.

    Want to make a change check out the candidates.

  • When they have papers, meanwhile they are invisible to the IRS. I disagree with illegal immigration but I think that the only way to control them and to pay taxes in order to have access to education and health care and benefits is giving them a card or ID. I know that it is crazy to give amnesty to a millions of people from all latinoamerica who came here breaking the law. I know some people from Venezuela who are illegals and their children have benefits and attending college thanks to the taxpayers in the other hand my best friend who is American have denied help because for American standards her husband "make" enough money and he is a handicapped man. I don't get it. Please stop blaming the Mexican government because there is thousands from Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Cuba, don't blame the Mexicans only that it is totally unfair.

  • Gretl
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    That's what we're trying to change now. Just wait until all county hospitals close, and then there will be no where for them to go. I say it's time for Mexico to pony up for their criminals.

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    Illegal aliens will pay us back when they are granted amnesty. I think its a good thing that "illegals" send their kids to school like most everybody else. They dont mean to burden us.

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    When the government decides to do something for the country instead of doing something for THEIR pocket..hmmm so my guess would be never!!!

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