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Is Need for Speed Carbon or Prostreet good games?

I would be getting them for ps2 but i think im getting a ps3 soon and i was thinking about getting carbon now and waiting to get prostreet for ps3. But i want your guys opinion if i should get them at all.

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    Well i used to have need for speed carbon for ps3 and that game was exactly the same as need for speed most wanted and yesterday i got need for speed pro street and that game is better that all need for speed games and all forza motorsport games. In pro street you can even use a clutch to switch gears where in carbon all you do is move joystick up and down to switch gears. Well if i were you i wouldnt spend my money on carbon id rather wait till i get a ps3 and then buy pro street for it.

  • Need for speed Carbon is the worst Need for speed


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