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Guys, what would you think if this happened to you?

Note: This is a completely hypothetical situation that I made up this morning when I was very, very bored. I just want to see what people will say.


Okay. In one of your classes, you sit behind the really quiet girl who doesn't talk much to anyone, including you because you have only one class with her anyway. She is also very paranoid about her personal space and jumps out of her skin if someone unexpectedly comes up from behind her.

The last couple of weeks, you have been very sick with an unknown virus - you have been throwing up, sneezing, barely able to stay in school if you are even able to go. So, finally, for a few days, you stay home.

You finally recover, and come back to school feeling and looking just fine. The girl happily shrieks your name and runs up to you. Before you can say anything, she hugs you and quickly walks off.


What would you think about her?

1 Answer

  • Prince
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    She likes me and she is happ to see me back


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