Study Abroad in New Zealand or Australia?

I don't need any links just tell me which place is better in your opnion. If you can be specific on a city and Uni that would be good too. I live in a big city so I'm not interested in going to another big city, but I would like to go to a place with nice night/student life, beaches, and close knit community on campus. I don't want to go someplace so big it is hard to meet people but I don't want to be too secluded. Thanks in advance for the help

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    Australia has emerged as a popular destination for higher education because of its strong educational infrastructure, a high quality of life, and relatively lower expenses.

    Australian degrees are gaining increased acceptance in the global arena, particularly in the Pacific rim countries. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, together with the cosmopolitan charisma of cities like Sydney and Melbourne –Australia could be the ideal destination for you.

    University Aus Rank (World Rank)

    ANU 1 (16)

    *Uni of Melbourne 2 (27)

    Uni of Sydney 3 (31)

    UQ 4 (33)

    Monash U 5 (43)

    UNSW 6 (44)

    Uni of Adelaide 7 (62)

    UWA 8 (64)

    Macquarie U 9 (168)

    QUT 10 (195)

    Uni of Wollongong 11 (199)

    RMIT 12 (200)

    *Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It has a population of 3.5 million and is home to 50,000 international students. The University is located in the inner-city suburb of Carlton - only a short walk or tram ride from Melbourne’s city centre. Melbourne is a great place to live and study. Here are a few reasons why.

    It is the world's most liveable city

    Melbourne has been consistently ranked as 'The world's most liveable city' by the Economist Intelligence Unit (UK). It received this ranking in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

    It is a safe city

    In April 2000, Melbourne was accredited as a 'Safe Community' by the World Health Organization – the first Australian capital city to achieve this standing.

    It is a multicultural city

    Melbourne's residents represent 140 nationalities and speak 151 languages. Thirty per cent of Melbourne's population were born overseas and Melbourne has the largest population of international students in the country.

    It is Australia's sporting capital

    In 2006 Melbourne hosted the Commonwealth Games. This important sporting event showcased Melbourne as an international sporting and tourisim destination of world quality. Melbourne is also home to many international sporting events including:

    The Australian Open (tennis)

    Formula One Grand Prix (car racing)

    The Melbourne Cup (horseracing)

    Rip Curl Surfing Pro at Bells beach

    Australian International Airshow

    It is Australia's cultural capital

    Melbourne is host to numerous cultural events including:

    Melbourne International Film Festival

    Melbourne International Comedy Festival

    Melbourne International Arts Festival

    Melbourne Fashion Festival

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    Australian Education - Government Website

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    Australia is definatly warmer, however, for a conservation major I would suggest either Canterbury or Otago univirsities in the South Island of New Zealand, due to their close proximity to Fiordland Nationol Park, which is an area of (mostly) native bust on the west coast of New Zealand. It is a hugely diverse area with a lot of native birds and insects. As well as that it is one of the few places in the world where there is a lake which has a freshwater layer on top of a salt water layer (it could be the other way around, but either way it is rare). The hands on opportuinites for you in your course in that area are unbounded, and there is the definate opportunity of coming back to work.

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