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NEW asthma HFA Albuterol inhalers not good.?

Is it just me or does anyone else feel these new inhalers are not as effective. I take a puff it works much slower and not as good. Anyone else notice the same? Please share

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    No, it's not just you. There are MANY people complaining that the HFA's do not work. It's not just due to clogs. The powder propellant just simply doesn't do it's job, I have signed the petition as posted above (which gives important information). Hopefully, together we can get enough signatures to be heard. Again, the URL is

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    I have found that my Salbutamol (GSK Ventolin HFA and Ratiopharm Salbutamol HFA, not at the same time) does not work in a consistent manner. I use a valved holding chamber (spacer) with my MDIs (Metered Dose Inhaler or puffer).

    When my Salbutamol is new, I take my usual two puffs and get shaky hands as though I have Parkinson's. When the inhaler is nearing the end of it's life, I can take four puffs and not get relief. I think that the HFA MDIs are not designed well to deliver a consistent dose of medication through the life cycle of the MDI.

    I think that MDIs (HFA puffers) should be prescribed as little as possible. There is DPI Ventolin Discus that would have consistent doses through the life of the device. If a patient can operate the device correctly, I would rather see them on that than MDI Salbutamol. The benefit of the dry powder inhaler (DPI) is that a certain amount of medication is scraped off or dumped out of a reservoir every time you load it. Its a powder that is delivered in premeasured amounts. I have been on Advair, Spiriva, and Asthmanex at one time or another, all dry powder inhalers. I did not notice any sort of inconsistent delivery of medication like with my current MDI Salbutamol and Flovent.

    Also, I find that cleaning my spacer once a week or more often is just another thing to fit into my life. It's no huge deal to wash a spacer, but it is time that is not being spent doing something else. I have a busy life and like the simplicity of the DPIs. If the mouthpiece gets messy, wipe it off with a tissue. When it's empty, throw it out. Don't get it wet and everything will be fine. With my MDIs, the nozzles get clogged and don't work properly about every 10 puffs. Again, it's no big deal, but more time spent maintaining my MDIs where a DPI would not need as much attention.

    As a Respiratory Therapist, I think that MDIs and DPIs have their places in patient care. When used properly and kept clean, both are very effective. However, I've seen patients with very dirty spacers and MDIs with practically blocked nozzles. MDIs are good, they just need more attention to keep them working. Taking the MDI canister off and running water through the inhaler body every few days is not a big deal, but I have found it necessary to keep the device in working condition. The spacers do get very hazy inside when inhaled steroids are used. In the hospital, I have had to clean spacers because they just look frankly dirty. Once more, it isn't a big deal, just another thing to watch out for and takes some time to resolve. For the DPIs, you might have to wipe the mouthpiece if it looks dirty, otherwise you don't have much to worry about.

    Do you keep the nozzle of your Albuterol clean? If it has white residue on it, take the MDI canister off and run warm tap water through it for a few seconds, until the residue has washed away. Your MDI will work like it is supposed to when the nozzle is clear. As for inconsistent drug doses from MDIs, I believe that it is a real problem, as I have noticed it with my own inhalers. There are DPIs that can do what you need them to do. Ask your doctor about GSK Ventolin Discus or Terbutaline, if you are not satisfied with your MDI. Those two medications are short acting bronchodilators that could be used in lieu of MDI Albuterol.

    As for me, when it is established that my present medications work or don't work (the drugs and present doses), I will be asking my doctor to change everything over to DPIs because my recent experiences with MDIs for use on myself have been disappointing. I can change my MDI Flovent to DPI Flovent Discus. My Salbutamol MDI can be changed to GSK Ventolin Discus or maybe even Oxeze DPI for long acting control and rescue in one (Oxeze or Foradil - same drug - has been approved for long acting and rescue bronchodilation in Canada and Europe. It isn't in the USA because of deaths associated with Serevent [similar drug in same class] giving Formoterol a black label warning too by association).

    Take care.

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