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what country does caribbean belongs to?

i need a answer... 10points for the first one


yes, so WHAT country DOES it BELONGS.

Update 2:

ok it's a region but what country does it belongs to?

Update 3:

then how am i suppose to put in Caribbean as a place where i live in in yahoo sign up?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    its a region encompassed with many different islands/countries

    Anguilla (British dependency)

    Anguillita Island

    Dog Island, Anguilla

    East Cay

    Little Scrub Island

    Prickly Pear Cays

    Sandy Island

    Scrub Island

    Seal Island (pronounced locally as "Sail Island")


    West Cay

    Antigua and Barbuda



    Guiana Island

    Great Bird Island

    Lesser Bird Island

    Prickly Pear Island


    Aruba (part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)



    Acklins Island


    Bimini Islands

    Cat Island

    Crooked Island


    Grand Bahama

    Great Abaco

    Great Exuma

    Great Inagua

    Little San Salvador Island/Half Moon Cay

    Long Island


    New Providence

    Ragged Island

    San Salvador Island



    Culpepper Island

    Pelican Island (Barbados) (now absorbed into Barbados)

    British Virgin Islands (British dependency, shares the Virgin Islands with the U.S. Virgin Islands)


    Beef Island

    Bellamy Cay

    Carvel Rock

    Cockroach Island

    Cooper Island

    Dead Chest Cay

    Diamond Cay

    Dog Islands

    Drowned Island

    East Seal Dog Island

    Eustatia Island

    Fallen Jerusalem Island

    Frenchmans Cay

    Grouge Dog Island

    Ginger Island

    Great Camanoe

    Great Dog Island

    Great Thatch

    Great Tobago Island

    Green Cay

    Guana Island

    Jost Van Dyke


    Little Anegada

    Little Camanoe

    Little Cay

    Little Jost Van Dyke

    Little Seal Dog Island

    Little Thatch

    Little Tobago

    Little Wickmans Cay

    Marina Cay

    Mosquito Island

    Nanny Cay

    Necker Island

    Norman Island

    Old Jerusalem Island

    Oyster Rock

    Pelican Island (British Virgin Islands)

    Peter Island

    Prickly Pear Island

    Saba Rock

    Salt Cay

    Sandy Cay

    Scrub Island

    Spanish Island


    Virgin Gorda

    West Dog Island

    Cayman Islands (British dependency)

    Cayman Brac

    Grand Cayman (with the capital George Town)

    Little Cayman



    Isla de la Juventud

    Cayo Largo del Sur

    Cayo Buenavista

    Cayo Ines de Soto

    Cayo Levisa

    Cayo Cruz del Padre

    Cayo Punta Arenas

    Cayo Blancos del Sur

    Cayo Santa Maria

    Cayo Fragoso

    Cayo Esquivel

    Cayo Guillermo

    Cayo Coco

    Cayo Romano

    Cayo Guajaba

    Cayo Saetia

    and thousands of minor cays and islets.


    Bird Island (disputed territory with Venezuela located about 110 km (70 mi) west of the island of Dominica)

    Grenada (shares the Grenadines group with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)



    Petit Martinique

    Ronde Island

    Petite Martinique

    Guadeloupe (overseas department of France)


    La Désirade



    Iles de la Petite Terre

    Iles des Saintes

    Terre de Haut

    Terre de Bas


    Dominican Republic

    Beata Island

    Catalina Island

    Saona Island

    Cayos Siete Hermanos(seven Brothers Cays)

    AltoVelo Cay

    Levantado Cay (Cayo Levantado)


    Gonave Island


    Île à Vache

    Île de Anacaona

    Grande et Petite Cayemites

    Les Arcadins

    Ti Teal

    Ile de Sud

    Lighthouse Island




    Bogue Islands (some now absorbed into Montego Bay, Jamaica)

    Great Goat Island

    Little Goat Island

    Kokomo Island

    Lime Cay (part of the Port Royal Cays)

    Morant Cays

    Navy Island

    Pedro Cays

    Pigeon Island

    Martinique (overseas department of France)

    Montserrat (British dependency)

    Netherlands Antilles (part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)


    Klein Bonaire


    Klein Curaçao


    Sint Eustatius

    Sint Maarten (part of the island Saint Martin shared with Saint Martin)

    Puerto Rico (Territory of the United States of America)

    Puerto Rico



    Caja de Muertos

    Desecheo Island



    Saint Barthélemy (also Saint Barts)

    Saint Kitts and Nevis


    Saint Kitts

    Saint Lucia

    Saint Martin (part of the island Saint Martin shared with the Netherlands Antilles)

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (shares the Grenadines group with Grenada)




    Canouan Island



    Palm Island

    Petit Mustique

    Petit Saint Vincent

    Saint Vincent

    Tobago Cays

    Union Island

    Young Island

    Trinidad and Tobago


    Goat Island

    Little Tobago

    Saint Giles Island

    Sisters' Rock


    Caledonia Island



    Craig Island

    Cronstadt (Kronstadt)


    Gaspar Grande

    Gasparillo (Little Gasparee or Centipede Island)


    Lenagan Island


    Nelson Island

    Pelican Island

    Rock Island

    Saut d'Eau

    Soldado Rock

    Turks and Caicos Islands (British dependency)

    Grand Turk

    Middle Caicos

    North Caicos

    Parrot Cay

    Pine Cay


    Salt Cay

    South Caicos

    West Caicos

    East Caicos

    Ambergris Cays

    United States Virgin Islands (U.S. territory, shares the Virgin Islands with the British Virgin Islands)

    Birsk Island

    Buck Island


    Cas Cay

    Congo Cay

    Cow And Calf Island

    Dog Island

    Dry Rock

    Fish Cay

    Flat Cay

    Grass Cay

    Great Saint James

    Green Cay

    Hans Lollik Island

    Hassel Island

    Inner Brass

    Johnsons Reef


    Little Saint James

    Lovango Cay

    Mingo Cay


    Outer Brass

    Packet Rock

    Patricia Cay

    Saba Island

    Saint Croix

    Saint John

    Saint Thomas

    Savana Island

    South-West Rock

    Stranglers Island

    Thatch Cay

    Turtledove Cay

    Water Island

    Waterlemon Cay

    Welk Rock

    [edit] Continental countries with Caribbean coastlines and islands


    Ambergris Caye

    Belize City

    Big Creek

    Caye Caulker

    Glover's Reef

    Hicks Cays

    Lighthouse Reef

    South Water Caye

    Turneffe Islands


    Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia




    Santa Marta

    Costa Rica

    French Guiana



    Hog Island, Guyana

    Leguan Island






    Cayos Cochinos

    Swan Islands


    Quintana Roo



    Isla Contoy

    Isla Cozumel

    Isla Mujeres



    Corn Islands

    Cayos Miskitos

    Pearl Cays


    San Blas Islands (comprising of more than 1300 islands)

    Bocas del Toro (archipelago with approximately 300 islands)



    Isla Margarita

    Los Monjes Archipelago

    Las Aves Archipelago

    Isla de Aves

    Los Hermanos Island

    Los Frailes Island

    Los Roques Archipelago

    La Sola Island

    La Tortuga Island

    La Orchila Island

    Los Testigos Island

    La Blanquilla Island

    Isla de Patos

    The nations of Belize and Guyana, although on the mainland of Central America and South America respectively, are former British colonies and maintain many cultural ties to the Caribbean and are members of CARICOM. Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast, often referred to as the Mosquito Coast was also a former British colony and maintains many cultural ties to the Caribbean distinct to the Pacific coast. Guyana participates in West Indies cricket tournaments and many players from Guyana have been on the West Indies Test cricket team. The Turneffe Islands (and many other islands and reefs) are part of Belize and lie in the Caribbean Sea. The nation of Suriname, on the mainland of South America, is a former Dutch colony and also a member of CARICOM.

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  • 4 years ago

    Countries In Caribbean

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  • mmuscs
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    1 decade ago

    The Caribbean is not a country it is an area. There are numerous islands in the area and each one belongs to a different country or is an independent country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Caribbean is not a place that belongs to a country. It is a region which is located in the American continents...around the caribbean sea...near comprises of several island teritorries...the Bahamas included...

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  • West Indies is the general geographical term for the many islands of the Caribbean, the largest of which are Cuba, Hispaniola (politically Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. After Columbus' landing on San Salvador in 1492, Spain claimed the whole region. Sugar plantations were established and black African slaves introduced.

    Source(s): Caribbean is a region is not a country I'm from Haiti
    • You stated ....and black African slaves introduced. I am a descendant of two of those black slaves. However, could you please explain IF there were also white African slaves? For, ever since the European devils started "discovering countries" that were occupied by other people this world is a mess.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The carribbean is not a country, it is a region. It is an area, like North America, or Europe, but not a specific country like the United States. It doesn not belong to a country, but it The Carribbean is a region made up of many countries, such as St. Maarten, Barbados, and others. It does not belong to one country.

    On your sign in, just put the country that you live in. If you do not know that, just put something like the USA or Uzbekistan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Caribbean is a region. It doesn't belong to any country, as it is a collection of countries. For purposes of going on line, most of us are forced to swallow our pride and agree to be classified as living in North America/USA. That's certainly where my computer thinks I live!

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  • 5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    what country does caribbean belongs to?

    i need a answer... 10points for the first one

    Source(s): country caribbean belongs to:
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  • 1 decade ago

    *Tongue in cheek reply*

    Well lately the Venezuela/China axis are trying to take over the region.......

    Venezuela's oil deal called "Petro-Caribe" along with Chavez's plan for a Latin American-OPEC cartel.

    In addition to Venezuela's new claim on a fewislands around the Caribbean (including one off the south coast of Haiti...)

    The nation of China is launching construction companies across the many capitals of the Caribbean, and they are now building things from stadiums and hospitals to brand new resorts...

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Caribbean is part of Central America, North America and South America. and many islands in the Caribbean are Dutch islands, French Islands, British islands, US Islands, others are independent. These are the only 4 countries in the Caribbean region: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Haiti. The rest is NOT consider countries, just island.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to be more specific...the Caribbean encompasses an entire region/area.

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