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? asked in 電腦與網際網路軟體 · 1 decade ago

Chinese in Widows Vista

I am in japan.

I just bought a coumuputer and it's Windows Vista Home Basic.

I wanna type chinese but cannot install it...!!!

Can anyone tell me how to do it?

I just need to type but not chinese version.

Plz help~~~thanks

ps. I can read chinese so you can answer me in Chinese ^^


to 酸咖啡

Thank you very much.

Sorry I forgot to say that I've tried the same way man times but it didn't work at all!

There is 中文(台灣) inside, but it's only "US keyboard"...

I need "CHU IN".

It's kind of diffirent with Windows XP.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    [開始] \ [控制台] \ [地區及語言選項]

    打開後點選 [鍵盤及語言] 頁籤,點選 [變更鍵盤]

    會再打開 [文字服務與輸入語言] 畫面,點選 [一般] 頁籤,

    底下有 [新增] 的按鈕。

    進入 [新增輸入語言] 畫面後,就可以依國別增加自己慣用的輸入法。請找到 中文(台灣) 。



    2007-11-19 09:04:10 補充:

    請安裝 新酷音輸入法 相容 Vista



  • 1 decade ago

    to 酸咖啡

    thanks a lot!

    I have download the file and installed it.

    I can type chinese in MSN now but not cannot in you know the reason?

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