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急!!!幫我中翻英 謝謝 我已經擬好稿了 麻煩大家了







哇!樓下也太厲害了@@好多單字我都不會 囧 請問還是學生嗎

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    Everybody evaluates a committee member, everybody is good! I am XXX, attend the information management of XX University of Science and Technology at present. Born in Taipei on March 5, the 75th year of the Republic of China, 21 years old. Our family has four people altogether, besides fathers and mothers, there is an elder brother three years older than I. Parents reminding reason that we conduct oneself and do thing whether make no matter me study or go and work as a temporary labourer in the school frequently on ordinary days, can all make great efforts to accomplish it best, even break through oneself.

    My individual character: Optimistic, enterprising, hearty, understanding, optimistic. Since primary school, junior middle school, I am a very serious, proactive student. During No. five Special, two skill, I learning every subject diligently conscientiously very. I like reading, like seeking the vast knowledge in the book, often stay in the library and preview and review the lessons, receive the reciprocity repayment too on the achievement. On the other hand, I like making friends too, like livenning up the happy atmosphere, by participating in school activity, corporation, serving as a cadre to keep in touch with the person of all kinds during learning, expand one's own vision, experience and interpersonal relationships.

    In courses studied, every subject I clasp attitude conscientiously, is it is it study to go, make every subject can develop proportionally to make great efforts, but comparatively good at UML in numerous professional subjects.

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    Via several experiences, in addition, feel interest deeply by relevant research to information, is it study in master's class is it receive a training of to continue to hope. Develop expensively proportionally, there are good research environment and research results,

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    so I regard entering XX university's money and is in charge of studying in as the first goal, have planned to review the place not understood entering school by oneself and observation latest information industry information ago,

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    can have dark and wide professional ability one's own professional knowledge and practice, and strengthen one's own English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.

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    It is to enter expensively, I will adhere to the attitude towards study conscientiously hard in the past too, it can obtain outstanding achievement and achievement too to hope for. Hope everybody evaluates a committee member can give to me A chance is entered expensively to thank you.

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    20點也還差不多...都嫌不夠勒 太少是不會有人回答的唷

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