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NIKE沒有生產部門? 是一種產業全球化的影響


NIKE的鞋子設計部門在台灣 NIKE的鞋子行銷部門在美國

NIKE的鞋子生產部門在中國、泰國 等地



委外有優點 也有缺點

優點當然是 可以降低生產成本 各個子公司可以專心發展所長


但是缺點是管理不易 例如NIKE在海外的工廠雇用童工 這件事就曾掀起一陣宣然大波

NIKE的行銷策略- 品牌忠誠度

每個品牌都會有死忠的消費者 這些消費者對某種特定品牌有一定的忠誠度

NIKE在維持品牌忠誠度、增加品牌忠誠度 相當有一套


1985年Micheal Jordan剛進入NBA時當時NIKE就以很高的價碼和JORDAN簽下了球鞋的合約

之後JORDAN成了家喻戶曉的籃球隊之神 而 JORDAN腳上的AIR-JORDAN也透過電視螢幕傳到了全球的每個角落


NIKE願意花錢和籃球員簽約的行銷方式 確實增加了許多消費者對NIKE的品牌忠誠度

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    Nike does not have a manufacturing department? It is influenced by globalization of industry. Nike does not have manufacturing plant within the U.S. The shoe development and design department is located in Taiwan, while its marketing team remains in the U.S. Nike's manufacturing plant is located in China, Thailand ...etc. This is why we see "made in China" or "made in Thailand" when we look at label on the shoe toungue of Nike's sneakers, not "made in U.S.A". This operating strategy of utilizing cheaper labors from foreign country to cut down cost is called outsourcing. There are pros and cons in outsourcing. Of course, the pros are cutting down production costs, and have each subsidiary concentrates on improving their functions; Design for Taiwan, marketing for the U.S, and production for China. But the con is difficult for headquarter to manage. For example, the incidence of using child labor in China's factory brought wide attentions from others.

    - Nike's marketing strategy, brand loyalty.

    Every brand has its own loyal customers, and customers display loyalty to certain brand. Nike is extremely successful in maintaing loyalty, and increaseing loyalty to its brand. Use Nike's marketing strategy on basketball shoes for example. In 1985, when Michael Jordan just joined the NBA, Nike signed a basketball shoe deal with him, promising an extremely high payment for reward. Afterward, the name Jordan is knowned by every household as the god of basketball, and the shoe "Air Jordan" is also broadcast to every corner of the world through television. The fans loved Jordan so much that every one of them is willing go out and buy an Air Jordan from Nike. Nike is willing to pay money to sign contract with professional basketball players as their marketing method. In fact, it increases loyalty of their customers to the brand Nike.

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