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Helloo. I'd like to know if a freshman can spend 2 months (February 2008 - March 2008) in France as part of a foreign exchange student.

I've found out that age requirements are 16-18 and that the minimum is 4 months but is there any way to just spend 2 months? I love Europe and I really think it'll be one of the greatest experiences in my life. I'm also planning to learn more about art there since my goal is to become an artist/photographer.



or even possible 1 month?

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    Exchange programs are different and each has a different requirement. AFS is the oldest and best of the programs and has a long minimum stay. Why? Well if you are only there for a few weeks you will be a tourist and not live in the culture. It sounds like you are pretty well attached at home, and this can interfere with 'getting into' another culture. Cutting that bond at home is part of the reason for taking a long term stay.

    So, think about what you want from the experience. If you want to visit France for a month that is one thing. If you want an experience of living in another culture, then go for a whole. It is a life transforming event to go for a year.

    Of the students who I know who have gone for a few weeks, a few months, half a year and a whole year by far, by very far, the more time you spend the better and more meaningful the experience. We have hosted many times (both short and long term) and have sent our kids for a year each (Spain and Ghana). I would not allow my kids to go for less than a year. And they have come back to me wonderous and awesome.

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    Liechtenstein is a very small country so why not consider Iceland or Sweden. I know Public universities in Sweden are free even for foreign students and a lot of them have visiting student programs if your uni doesn't have an agreement with them, but of course you have to pay for accommodation, books, etc. However you are not a university student yet so you could try study abroad programs geared towards high school, which unfortunately i don't know anything about.

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