A person I recently met claims that she has a portal (open heaven) in her kitchen?

I tried to explain that Christians didn't NEED Portols to seek God because we always have God's Holy Spirit with us wherever we were.... What do you all know about "Portals"? Any help in understanding this?

Thank you :)


she claims to be a spirit filled Christian like myself

Update 2:

oops misspelling alert! PORTAL sorry :)

Update 3:

When I tried to find info about portals online, all I could find was about the Lost Books of the Bible (Book of Enoch) which has a LOT to say about 12 portals to heaven...Stonehenge is supposed to be one of the major "portals", psychics speak of portals in one or two sites but no explanation, parapsychologists state that portals are where "spirits" enter our realm, Spiritual Warfare deliverance ministries claim demon spirits come and go from them and they and the Occultists agree that they are opened by people conducting seances and the like or ouija boards....she just says EVERYONE talks of "portals" where she lives in NJ

No, I cannot "accept" this... she is being misled and I care about that... wouldn't you?

Update 4:

Thankyou for link Rammy :)

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    My mother has a portal to Heaven in her kitchen. She calls it an oven, but when she pulls out apple dumplings, I know better... heaven is in there somewhere.

  • 1 decade ago

    People go off the deep end sometimes, don't they? It's like they just can't believe in something as it is; they have to add some wacky element from the world around them. Want to learn about portals? Visit the Heaven's Gate website. Those are the crackpots who were waiting for the portal to open and all committed suicide in their new sweatsuits and Nikes. All dressed up and nowhere to go! Many Christians are influenced by some new age ideas and science fiction and begin to wish we really could beam ourselves on to other planets or use phone booths as doors to heaven. It makes me think of those people in the desert who think they take photos of a door to heaven, when it's really the sun reflecting on the inside of the camera! About 25 years ago, I remember a big craze about angels. People claimed angels followed them everywhere, finding lost things, spotting good parking spaces, reminding them of appointments. I am not exaggerating! These people just never got over the fact that the year 2000 came and went, and we never got flying cars.

  • Ramjet
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    1 decade ago

    the way I understand it - when we pray, our prayers become a vehicle to open the way between us here on earth and the heavenlies. I have heard of "portals" being opened, and have seen a video posted recently on Extreme Prophetic.


    although I do believe that prayer is a powerful source of fellowship and a vehicle for advancing the kingdom... I am skeptical of these "portals" as I too believe that our relationship with Jesus is the portal we need in and of itself to experience the wonders of what is to come.

    blessings :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Go on Google and you will find tons of info on portals.My limited understanding is that portals are doorways if you will to different dimensions of existenses.For exaple you and I live on one dimension,spirits live on another and Angels on another.People claim that they can travel thru these portals to different dimensions and similarly others come into our dimension thru them also.There is much about our universe that we dont comprehend and I for one am very curious about paranormal phenomena.What about psychics, or people who can recall previous lives?We should not poohpaah people because of our own ignorance.Like children we should be in constant awe of our universe.only then may be we will be able to come up with answers to many a mystery.I thank you for your question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A portal is the intersection of lay lines, anomalies in the earth's magnetic field. Nothing particularly supernatural, heavenly or superstitious about it.

  • I would say she is having a flashback from the 60s.

    Heaven is in a different dimension, same space, but different dimension, and for somebody to be able to crossover and return while in this flesh body, would be impossible.


  • 1 decade ago

    Have you seen this portal?

    This person you recently met sounds delusional.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i seen a portal to heaven in my bedroom with red hair.

  • Wired
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    1 decade ago

    And we wonder why some religious people are looked upon as morons and self-deluded fools. Tell her to stop eating so much sugar before bedtime, and she'll stop having bad dreams.


  • L.C.
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    1 decade ago

    She has issues. Ask her where in the Bible such portols are described and explains their purpose.

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