have u checked stephenie meyers web site lately? the new news is....?


that is the girl hired to play bella. what do u think of her? i think her nose looks like a pig and she looks too old and too unbella looking. what do u think?

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    As Stephenie says on her site"For every actress that has been suggested as Bella in the past few years, there are always a slew of critics that cry, "But she doesn't look like Bella!" ... To this I would like to say: "Of course she doesn't!" Bella is a fictional character, and she looks different to everyone.... no one is going to match up with your mental picture exactly—or mine. The thing to hope for is a really great actor who can make us believe she is Bella (or Alice or so forth) for roughly two hours."

    I think that Kristen Stewart has the potential of transforming from Kristen to Bella as the production of the movie begins. I personally like her more than Emily Browning.

    She may look "old" for Bella naturally but it is amazing what the right clothes, makeup, and hairstyle can do in regards to the appearance of age. Although I don't think that Kristen has Bella's lips.... Kristen's aren't full enough... but I am going to wait until the movie is actually out before I start criticizing hard core.

    I am nervous for who Edward will be played by.... I don't know of any actor that will satisfy my expectations.

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    I agree with Stephenie Meyer, no one is going to be a perfect match.

    What I think of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan:

    I think she COULD make a good Bella but that doesn't mean that she necessarily WILL make a good Bella. I think a lot of it will have to do with who else is casted.... I do know that if Kristen ruins it she is going to have a lot of Twilight fans to deal with lol! She isn't exactly how I picture Bella in my head....her lips and cheek bones are all wrong and I picture Bella with longer hair... but she has the pale skin, body structure, and the eyes for the part..... lets just hope she has the acting too. She also has the Bella quality of "I'm not the most gorgeous girl in all of Forks but I'm definitely cute and I don't know it" vibe (girl next door essence).

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    Everyones Bella looks different. She's a fictonal character so everyone's idea of Bella looks different. She's not exacly how I thought Bella would look like but I'm not going to judge her yet. She may turn out to be a really good Bella. And besides I want to know who's going to play Edward. If they mess him up I wont be happy.

    Oh and Kirsten Stewart is only 17.

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    Now that I've thought about it for a while, I think she'll make a good Bella. Especially if she and whoever they cast for Edward have good chemistry.

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    That's the thing about the movies about boooks. They'll never find the perfect person. That's why a lot of people don't go see movies based on books.

  • i heard!!!! she doesnt look all that bad .. but i never pictured her as bella!! ahhhh.

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