Does AIPAC own as many preachers in the U.S. as they own politicians in the U.S.?

A quote:

"Christian Zionist groups play an increasingly important role," says Morton Klein, head of the Zionist Organization of America and a leader of the Jewish lobby, AIPAC. "In many districts where there are very few Jews, the members of the House and Senate are Israel's supporters in part because of the strong Christian Zionist lobby on Capitol Hill."

They definitely own John Hagee. Do they also own Pat Robertson, Hal Lyndsey, Jack van Impe, and more?


paperback, considering Iran hasn't attacked anyone in 2000 years, had a democracy before the U.S. and Israel helped overthrow their leader, and they definitely are not trying to start WWIII for the sake of claiming all the land God gave Abraham I would support Iran over the likes of AIPAC.

Update 2:

LOL, it's interesting that the common attack is to call the questioner paranoid. Any attempt to discredit will do so long as the truth is concealed.

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    AIPAC has entirely too much influence in Washington, D.C. and, like other huge lobbying groups, diverts money from needed projects into funding to support their own interests. Because our Christian groups are strongly supportive of Israel, I can imagine how many of the preachers are members of AIPAC and working for more government funding for Israel.

    The problem is, we have funded Israel for years, without paying attention to the festering resentment of the displaced Palestinean people. The time has come for a Palestinean state and for some kind of financial help to help them establish this state. We can no longer divert funding to Israel, while ignoring the abject poverty of those its settlements have displaced. It is this situation that has resulted in constant attacks and terrorism in Israel, and the U.S. position has been the central cause of this.

    Of course, the ministers want aid for Israel, because of the tenets of the Christian religion. Even our President is pro-Israel and open to some sort of a Crusade through Middle Eastern lands. He has even referred to the Iraq War as a Crusade.

    But, Crusade aside, it is time for common sense. Sending enormous chunks of money to one country while ignoring huge problems in others just leads to chaos. I don't think End Time Christians should chart the future path of our country. That should be done by all of the Electorate and not just a certain few.

    I don't believe the End is near and, if it is, I certainly don't want it managed by Pat Robertson, or any of his violent ilk. I am willing to leave it to God, who seems to have managed things well so far. Let's let him do his job without interference from those who are just botching things up. Iraq is an example of this. If it's a Crusade, it's as stupid as the last one.

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    This is a country of hypocrites and it is also a country of sheep. We are too lazy to think for ourselves, so we watch CNN to find out how we should think about some issue or another. We all want to say we are tolerant of others, but are we really? Or more to the truth do we think we want to be tolerant on paper, but God forbid we actually live next door to a gay couple, or worse yet, be friends with them and find out they are no different than most heterosexual couples? We do not want to be materialistic, but we have so many malls, and our greed is not only encouraged, it is outright rewarded. People who should have never had mortgages in the first place were being given the keys to houses they could not afford and now that the housing market has crashed, everyone is busy blaming everyone else. Oh, this country is tearing itself to pieces all right, and at the heart of it is that everyone has stopped caring about what made this country great, and is now so concerned with running our agenda everywhere. The elected officials do not do very much to ease everyone's state either. We are embroiled in possibly the worst crisis this country has ever seen and all we can do is point the finger and blame each other

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    Jewish and non Jewish supporters of Israel are free to express that support, no? And there was me thinking America was a democracy!

    AIPAC does not 'own' any politicians. You are paranoid. America supports Israel because Israel is the only secular democracy in the entire middle east. Would you rather support Iran, where women are regularly stoned to death? Or Saudi Arabia, where it's ILLEGAL to own a Christian bible or to practise any faith other than Islam?

    Now, presumably you are not ANTI democracy.

    So if you are against Israel, that means..... what, exactly..?

  • Own??? you sound paranoid

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