how to make it stop?

I absolutely hate being reprimanded, but the the thing I hate most is when someone is gettin on to me for something that's not my fault. I get so angry and I can't express it because that person is my boss so the only thing I can do is cry. I don't do it on purpose and I try to fight the tears but they just come anyway. It makes me feel like a dumbass! How can I make this stop?


well most times they don't wanna hear it. They make you listen and they won't give you any time to defend yourself and if you try they get all huffy.

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  • dicovi
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    1 decade ago
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    you tell your boss the truth.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This happens to all of us sometime or another. If it's occurring to you more often, it might be time to discuss with the boss a better way of communicating issues.

    When we are hard on ourselves already, and trying to be perfect, then have someone else dump on us what isn't fair. . . that just triggers so many bells and whistles it's nearly impossible not to blow!

    Try and reframe the situation. The person doing the fault-finding for some reason has to make "things right." Or maybe they don't really care who is at fault (as if someone always has to be at fault?) but has a reactionary personality. You happen to be in the line to receive the dumping. :(

    At some point when there is no issue, sit down and have a good talk with the people involved. If you have been able to prove you were not responsible for things blamed for, mention those items also. If you can show them that jumping the gun and blaming you hasn't been the best thing to do, they might be more inclined to think before they jump the next time.

    If you can't sit down and discuss it, then put it in writing. Try not to take this personally, because it sure sounds like the other persons issue, and really isn't about you.

    Then, as the last part of this reframe, give yourself good self talk. Try and find a mode where you are comfortable with your own work. Realize that no one is perfect, and good enough sometimes is just that: good enough! If someone does approach you with a "reprimand" try and file it under something else more favorable... concern over less than what meets that person's standards. Give them the benefit of the doubt, that they might think it was you (and sometimes it might be) and realize it happens with everyone.

    The end goal is better work... and part of your end goal is better communication.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't work for Bosses, I work for people. Try talking to him. Don't make excuses. State facts. Unless he's an @ss he would want to make things right.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you can speak with your boss privately and respectfully sharing your concerns, great. If not, take this issue to Human Resources.

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