Stephen Gostkowski or Adam Vinentari the week in fantasy football?


fyi I picked up ne kick as a free agent.

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    For a kicker to be able to get into the situation to kick a field goal or a PAT, he needs to rely on his team's offense to do the most work. If an offense can't get themselves into field goal range, then the kicker probably won't be able to kick a successful field goal. If an offense can't get a touchdown, then the kicker won't have a chance to kick a PAT. So you should start the kicker with the better offense on their team and on the team that'll do better. In this situation, it is Stephen Gostowski of the NE Patriots, because Tom Brady is guaranteed to pass for atleast 4 touchdown passes and lead the New England crew to a victory over Buffalo. The more TD passes, the more PAT oppurtunities, and hence the more oppurtunities to get more points on your fantasy team. The Colts have a slight chance at losing to the Chiefs, but even if they win, their offense and quarterback won't be able to give their kicker Adam Vinatieri enough chances to outkick Stephen Gostowski. Go with Gostowski.

    By the way, it doesn't even matter who you have at Kicker. It won't even matter if you don't have one at all. The difference between the points that the best kicker in the NFL makes and the worst kicker in the NFL makes in a fantasy football season regularly is about 10-20 points, which can't possibly hurt you. Defense is also a position in fantasy football that doesn't matter as much, the offense is what you need a lot of, the offense is what carries you. So I'd put Gostowski, but even if you put Vinatieri, it wouldn't hurt you.

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    I have been given the comparable difficulty to procure. 9 -0 with Brady as QB. fortunate or very lots for me I have been given to %. up Bulger off of FA. in this experience-up, i do unlike Losman against the Fins. even nevertheless the Fins have given up a number of the best dashing performances this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, they have been waiting to stop the bypass. i understand the Raiders offense isn't stable, yet seem what handed off there. Culpepper completed 5 passes. Fargas did each and every of the massive paintings with a hundred seventy five dashing yards, yet those 2 TD passes got here from Culpepper interior the ten. They could no longer throw the ball against them. i admire Huard against the Broncos. ideal now the Broncos group desires to sense like an entire enable down. They have been predicted to make some form of a playoff run, yet at this fee they are going nowhere. Huard ought to placed up stable yards by contrast rejected DEF. Kitna had 244 and a pair of TD's. with any luck this week Bowe honestly performs and correctly Gonzalez could be him. If those are your only 2 options i might bypass with Huard. If no longer a guy like Cleo Lemon could be an excellent bye week fill in. The costs DEF overachieved at residing house against the Bengals. i ought to be sure Lemon throwing lots this week with Chatman because of the fact the beginning QB. additionally Ginn has exchange right into an excellent objective in Lemon's equipment in prepare. that is a experience-as much as observe out for. there is no longer honestly all of us on the fees as quickly as Ginn. So take Huard, yet once you wanna attempt some thing else, bypass with Lemon. stable success!!

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    The difference between kickers in Fantasy points are almost meaningless because they rely on their offense to have an opportunity.

    That being said, Gostowski is basically guaranteed 5 PATs and 1 FG a game... so start Gostowski?

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    Dude! Did you waste TWO draft picks on kickers??? Worst fantasy decision EVER!

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    Gostkowski for sure. Since Vinentari left the Patriots he s*%#!s.

  • Holy crap just flip a coin the kicker is your least important player.

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