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I would like to become a web designer -- Tips and advise please!!?

I would like to become a web designer -- Tips and advise please!!?

I am currently learning HTML and CSS, i would like to become a web designer and start up my own business like creating e-commerce web site for customers in future. I wonder do I need to learn all these dreamweaver, php, ajax, javascript, and ect. to achieve it? If so, where should I start from? Please help!!! Any advise welcome!!! Thank you for your time!!!

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    1. Learn HTML and CSS. E.g. Buy a book on them, or google to learn them.

    2. Get a good web editor and graphic program. E.g. Dreamweaver/Photoshop.

    3. Read some web design magazines. E.g. Web Designer

    4. Search google for some tips and tricks on web design

    5. Practice, Practice, Practice

    6. Show others your work and seek criticism for improvements.

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    I would advise learning how to handcode html first using a text editor (see notpad++ on windows or textmate on mac). If you use a tool like DreamWeaver this will give you fast results but will also prevent you learning how to use each HTML element properly.

    Hand-coding will also help you to build websites with webstandards. I suggest on of the best books you can get on this is Jeffery Zeldman's, designing with web standards.

    Web standards will make it easier for you to get your site working across all modern browsers and will also set you up well when you want to apply JavaScript later on.

    Once you have grasped the basics of HTML move on to learning how to apply CSS. Again stick to hand-coding. Automated tools will prevent you really understanding how CSS really works.

    Build as many sites as you can and you will begin to understand the many many pitfalls and cross-browser issues along the way.

    Following HTML and CSS you can move on to PHP where you can start to add some server-side functionality. Be sure to grasp how to write PHP securely as it's very easy to code something that will leave your server open to attacks if you are not careful. Rule number one is never trust data that is sent to your server by a 3rd party. See for some good tips in this area.

    JavaScript is very easy to learn the wrong way. Make sure you look to apply scripts to your pages that enhance existing functionality. Features should already work server-side before you add JavaScript and Ajax functionality on top.

    The best book on JavaScript is David Flanagan's book JavaScript : The Definitive Guide.

    Learning to be a web-designer is a long and arduous road, but if you take time to learn everything the right way your sites will be much better for it.

    Lastly there are a multitude of good sites out there that are constantly writing great articles digital-web, alist apart etc. Reading good sources is a great way to learn but try to be discerning as there are even more bad sources!

    Hope this helps

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    Many people are capable of creating their own website you will be able to offer your services to small or large businesses if you are proficient in e-commerce and security measures - stopping hackers etc.

    Suggest you speak with your college careers adviser to get recommended build on your current learning and get qualified with appropriate qualifications.

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    many all persons is in a position to starting to be their very own cyber web internet site you would be waiting to furnish your centers to small or great agencies on a similar time as you're proficient in e-commerce and safety measures - scuffling with hackers and so on. advise you communicate on a similar time which incorporate your college careers adviser to get stated build on your cutting-element-day examining and get qualified with appropriate skills.

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    I am doing the same as you, i have found everything i need at

    I was told to learn -




    ASP + PHP

    I was told they are the sections that i need to learn the most.

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    KV-G, i would like to know the same thing to,so I'll be looking forward to the replies you get!!

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