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does anyone know the meanings of the names berman or cohen?

i have looked in name meanings books and sites and haven't been able to find anything about these family names.

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    In regards to Cohen, this is absolutely Jewish (Hebrew). It is the name of a "tribe" that is associated with "Aaron". It has come to mean "priest". A similar name is Levy or Levi who are from a tribe associated with Jacob. These were traditionally the priest's assistants.

    Historically this wasn't a surname as Jews did not use surnames. They used patronymics. For example, a person would be named "Itsak ben Ibrahim" or Isaac son of Abraham).

    Also, "tribal" association was more bestowed based on your occupation if such an occupation was historically associated with a tribe. The reason is just like today, nobody could possibly show they were a descendant of any tribe. No more thay anyone today can really show (with any strong confidence) who their 10th great grandfather was.

    So if a person, or a known "recent" ancestor was a Rabbi, then this family was a Cohen, of the priestly class/tribe though not part of their name, but really a title....such as Baron is not part of someone's name. Only a small number of occupations were associated with any tribe.

    However, in the 1700s and 1800s when many European countries forced Jews to adopt surnames, Cohen and Levy/Levi became popular surnames chosen for those who were, by their occupation or an ancestor's occupation, considered part of the "tribe".

    So for the surname Cohen, it is a good guess that probably within the last 300 or so years, but prior to 1890s, SOMEONE in that family line was a Rabbi. Not a lot of information but interesting none the less.

    Berman, from the JEWISH background (there are other sources of this surname besides Jewish) was actually a male name. Many male names were adopted as surnames because of the patronymic source. If a person was named Jacob ben Berman (Jacob son of Berman) when the forced surname conversion took place, they would simply establish their name as Jacob Berman.

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    First: they are both Jewish. In the middle ages, the Jewish people took often a name which show Wat their profession was. Also they took a sign in their name shield from which was recognizable Wat specific manufacturer he was. Do you know Wat Rotshild means? A sample: Red shield/plate!

    He give Loans to Kings and Emperors. (still do) organize the Freemasons Lodge! Still exists! for more, reed: The World Conspiracy of Iwan Nicoloff, well known in US. About the names Berman and Cohen you must go far back in the Jewish history to discover Wat they exactly means! If you know some Jewish people, you can ask them, may be they do know an answer for you.

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    cohen is the priestly class from the ancient hebrew tribes.

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    both are Jewish

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