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can chubby be cute?

and if so, then when does chubby turn into fat?

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    Guys have different taste in girls. I myself used to be quite chubby but then I hit the gym and haven't stopped since. From a male perspective; while I can't speak for every guy, I say that of course chubby can be cute. No question about it.

    As for when I would differentiate between chubby and fat, I'd have to say that I'd draw the line if the female can't climb a set of stairs without stopping completely for oxygen, or if she walks a few feet outside and already appears sweaty. Not to offend heavier ladies, but those are just a few pet peeves when it comes to weight.

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    Baby's need "chubby" to survive and the fat builds the brain while it's still developing at a rapid rate. when it stops being cute or has no further purpose when you look at your fat head husband on the couch with stinky feet chowing out on the last of your favorite box of cookies you've been saving and he 's 60 lbs. over due for the birth of a giant fart! hope it was the right answer. ?

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    Hell yeah u can be chubby, fat, skinny and still be attractive

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