What school subjects and degrees should i get in order to be a manager?

I'm a sophomore(10 grader) in highschool, and I am wanting to be a manager, I don't know what types of managing there is so please explain that to me. And most importantly tell me what school subjects i need to get in the managing business and what degrees i need. Is it a profitable job? Please answer my question it is really important to me, thanks!

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    U need to definatley take Maths as ur subject, economincs will definately help u understand the people and way of life. mainly management studies can be done after ur 12th standard or probably when u enter ur graduation level study. U can take the bachelor of management studies for that u can chk the online info in the institutions located near to ur home. List some name of the colleges in ur vicinity and then go thru their websites. I'd also suggest u that u go to each of the college which is best in ur area and talk with the councellor there and ask for guidance. These councellors will help u understand where ur truly good at for eg. if u good in maths u can be a finance manager, good in economics then u can be good in human resources , if ur good in IT ( information technology ) then ur good in computer and communications. All these are indepth streams focusing on ur main study of computer, statistics, logic, economy, maths and ofcourse ur languages. So for starters go to these good institutions and talk with the concerned person and ask wat is required.

    If u want to become a bank manager u need to have a good bachelors degree followed by ur Masters degree pertaining to commerce or any stream which will be helping u in studying the business management course.

    BMS/ MBA ( Master of Business Administeration), MMS ( Master of Management Studies) are the management degrees bachelor and masters respectively. In the UK u can also go for International Management studies, so likewise u may find something similar in ur area too. Just ask in the relevant institutions.

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    Master of Business management

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    bachelor of business management

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