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Is Final Fantasy VI Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

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    6 has some sci-fi elements in it, but not nearly as much as 7 and 8. Overall, it's still more of a fantasy setting

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    I believe the proper genre would be "sci-fi-fantasy", just because a story has magic and mana, doesn't mean it isn't sci-fi. Many successful stories incorporate elements of both science fiction and fantasy. Look at the star wars films, or the Dune series. There is quite a bit of crossover in the fantasy sci fi genre, and to classify VI as one whilst neglecting the other, would be a great disservice to the masterpiece that the game truly is.

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    Sci-Fi stands for science fiction...

    Which means it is based on some sound scientific principles.

    Star Trek, Star Wars and Star Gate are Sci-Fi.

    Fantasy is other worldly stuff. Magic, Heroes... Things which science tend to avoid.

    So Final Fantasy is Fantasy. If it wasn't, it would have been called Final Sci-Fi ;-) ;-) ;-)

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    fantasy mate

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