violation notice!!!!!!!!!?

Question: I have updated my profile a little because it was a little confusing. Sorry.?

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Deleted Answer: yes it is confusing like your question.....sorry

is that fair with me ????

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    1 decade ago
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    I've been suspended and I still have to figure out why. I know it's kinda frustrating and you have to keep in mind that not all people using this site are nice and friendly. Get over it; It's just a forum after all.

    If your account gets suspended because of some goblin with a shallow sense of humor, just create a new account and start again from scratches. I'll start worrying when they give us money instead of points... Can't eat them!

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    if someone even senses a little sarcasm directed towards them, theyll report it and it will be deleted. lots of uptight people on here. prolly say good bye to this awnser, prolly say goodbye to your question too...sad.

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