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What are your thoughts on Karma?

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    Karma has kicked my butt more times than I can remember.

    My Karma ran over my Dogma.

    Source(s): Atheist with a sore poop shute.
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    Karma is very complicated. Everything we do has consequences on ourselves, on others, and in the world. What we send out spiritually, does come back at us some time. If we have a real hard time, and struggle a lot, It can make us stronger spiritually, if we handle it well. Tasting the hard side of life, can tune you in to the problems of this world, and why it is important to do something about them. Some people become leaders of causes, because they have special sensitivities. I don't like the words good and bad Karma, being used so readily. Life is, oh so very complicated. An easy, lovely life, can weaken the spirit to what really counts, the ability to face down the toughest problems of this world, and be a factor in helping remedy them. Being strong spiritually in handling this reality constructively, will help anyone cope well, even in a very challenging life to come. Not everyone chooses, easy lives for themselves.

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    Positively the most vile and disgusting and evil idea to ever be spawned by organized religion.

    Essentially, Karma is some "imprint" of every bad deed you did that would come back to bite you in the a$$. It serves as an explanation of inequality and injustice in the world, handwaving it so to speak. Combine that with belief in reincarnation and you get something truly monstruous!

    See, all those people born poor, crippled, retarded, sick or merely into a lower caste are REALLY just carrying bad karma from their previous lives. They were pieces of sh!t in their previous lives, and to help them change their fortune would be UNJUST! Meanwhile those who are at the top and exploiting everyone else really DESERVE to be there. This EVIL dogma has been for MILLENIA the chief cause of suffering of the poor in India and south-east Asia and STILL is!

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    Karma philosophy of hinduism is very logical based. Like energy cant be destroyed... the negative or positive energy created by our actions can not be destroyed

    this -ve or +ve energy comes back to us sooner or later... and i am sure any sane person would agree to this

    Our Karmas not only affect our future..they have effect on our environments too and cause some change, however little, it may be, on our surroundings.

    The first step is to shun all bad karma ... to avoid creation of negativity

    the second step is to transcend all good and bad karma...and work as an alive tool of the Divinity

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    Karma is actions. karmam is sin. Jesus took all sins of the human beings on the Cross.

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    I'm Catholic but I believe in it most of the time, because i have seen terrible things happen to terrible people, but on the other hand, i have seen terrible things happen to good people. I think that bad things that you did in the past will come back at you in the future.

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    I think it's great.

    Do good and good will come back.

    Do bad (intentionally) and the bad will come back to you, too.

    keeps me from being too evil.

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