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Who's 2 judge???

I have a 14 month old son & his daddy & i aren't married.I don't think that wrong but i'm not into the whole bible thing.My boyfriend proposed when he found out i was pregnat but i said no coz if i wasn't having his baby he wouldn't have asked if i ever get married i want it to be 100% the real thing,look at the divorce rates these days.I love him & i don't think a piece of paper will make me love him more nor does the law say you have to be married to have a baby.Adam & eve weren't married so how can any 1 judge me? let me know what you think

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    I agree with you!!!!!!!!! it doesn't matter what people say, the most important thing is that you and your boyfriend are happy and bring up your son with love!!! when he will grow up, you can explain everything to him and I'm sure he will proud of his parents. A child needs 2 parents who love him and not a piece of paper!!!!

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    i have 2 kids, aged 2 n 4, n im not married to their dad. we have been engaged for about 3-4 years. you dont have to rush into anything, especially if he proposed just because you were pregnant. its more common for couples to have kids n not be married. weddings arent cheap. id rather spend the money on my kids than a piece of paper, and change of surname. you cant really be judged for it as there are a lot of unmarried couples. i know someone that got married just after having a baby. their marriage lasted less than a year! i dont think its really worth it!

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    yeah, don't get married just because you have a kid. Keep dating and get married when you both feel it's time. You can wait as long as you want. There's no rush. You're wise to be cautious.

    Give it time, and tell his daddy that if it's right you'll both know it in time. And in the meantime, have fun and enjoy each other...well, don't have another kid just yet, but you know what i mean. date each other maybe. or if you know you don't want a relationship like that w/him, then you know.

    good luck:)

  • actually adam and eve were married (just not mentioned in the bible) but they are husband and wife... if you are going to read the bible and analyse -- they are married --- only by God of course... arent they lucky?

    But isn't he worth taking the risk? Besides, you will never ever know the future...

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    Judgers suck.

    I think you have made a wise decision. Your gut instict is rarely wrong. Just keep loving your man and your kids and all will be right with YOUR world.

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