Any intelligent involvement in this phenomenon called life?

We have explained with pretty good certainty how we and the other residents of this planet came into existence. The overwhelming evidence supports natural selection and evolution.1 If you doubt it you can watch a colony of bacteria evolve over many generations in a few days, or fruit flies in a few months.2 We have also reproduced the basic situation where normal matter became the building blocks of life. This story conflicts with the literal interpretations of every religion, from Greek gods (who still worships Zeus or Dionysus?) to hinduism (is our planet really 4 elephants standing on a turtle swimming through space?) to Christianity/Islam/Scientology. This is disappointing for many people because religion gives us such a great feeling (a reason to be alive, denial of/sanctuary from death, solidarity with a group and against other groups, etc.) But, possibly because we evolved a use for it, religion is wired into our brains and behavior.3 And hey, it feels great. Any comments?


This is not to say God (or whatever you want to call it; Vishnu, The Force, Wankantanka-Great Mystery) didn't create life, or isn't involved in life or keeping together the subatomic particles and laws of the universe that make our lives possible. We can't prove it doesn't exist. However we can't disprove the existence of Gremlins, either. We have no data on the subject, just data to disprove the stories that people have difficulty believing anyway. In the 13th century a big guy on a chair in the clouds would have been pretty plausible. If you think there is some god in your life, then hey, maybe there is. At this point in history we have more light than ever before, but this is still minuscule compared to what exists. If you don't bash on other people to feel better about your beliefs, or go to war to prove your way to eternal peace, good for you. This life only lasts so long and you should be happy while it lasts.



Update 3:

Yeah, sorry, here's the link for the experiment creating amino acids/protein chains in a lab under Earth's early conditions:

As for religions causing damage, I agree. That's why in our modern times we should have the ability to change our beliefs to match our knowledge, not vice-versa. Even science can be (and is being) abused to make people behave a certain way, support foreign policy, or usually just buy stuff. i.e.-think tanks, false science used to market products.

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    No matter what we may be able to reproduce in our labs, the basic fact remains that consciousness produces matter, rather than the 'scientifically accepted' opposite assertion that matter produced consciousness.

    Without the conscious spark, my body is nothing but an inanimate bag of bones and blood. There must be some conscious force controlling my body. So whether life came from two humans in a garden, or from Brahma, or from amino acids, the basic "religious" tenet will remain that consciousness is higher than matter, not lower.

    PS. could you give references for your assertions? Specific, well-documented studies that have been published in respectable journals? Especially the one about us having reproduced the basic situation where normal matter becomes the building blocks etc.. I'd like to read it.

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    "But, possibly because we evolved a use for it, religion is wired into our brains and behavior.3 And hey, it feels great. Any comments?"

    Or primitive people grasped for the supernatural to explain what they couldn't explain by other means at the time. As for feeling great, history has already shown that religions tend to be static, dogmatic, while society around them change. This leads to tension. Religions fall. But they can cause a lot of damage before doing so.

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    This is a well thought out series of ideas. I would very much like to see something similar from a Christian or other theist to support their (presumably opposing) view.

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    Good for you. Hi -Five.

    Embrace it!

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