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Can I enjoy programming on Windows Mobile cell phone ?

I got a windows mobile cell phone, on which I hope to create programs (language does not matter, C, Java, Python, Basic, Perl...either welcome).

Don't you know the compiler which can be installed on Windows Mobile ?

Also, I don't know well about Excel Mobile. It seems VBA is not available. Is there any method to VBA programming on Excel Mobile ?

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    I don't think we have a mobile based compiler in the market as yet....

    Mobile devices are short on RAM and processor power, not to mention they constantly have to perform the job of a phone. So, the devices are not used to do programing, as programing itself is a tedious job for a processor (running IDE, debuggers, compilers, linkers etc.).

    So, for the time being, I think you would have to be content on using mobile phones as phones and not for programing.

    Though you can Microsoft Visual Studio for mobile device programing.

    Have fun

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    if u r an expert software engineer, u can try doing it.

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