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if you found out you were pregnant right now or your girlfriend in pregnant...?

what would you do?

would you want to have a abortion, adoption, or keep it?

btw you would be in your teens...

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    I would have to abort. I'm sorry I know I'm going to get thumbs down for this but I couldn't do it.

    I'm not emotionally (I have depression and I don't have the support of my friends or family) or physically (I have serious back injuries so I would spent a lot of the pregnancy bed ridden) or financially (I couldn't support the child on my own) ready to raise a child.

    I was bought into this world not really wanted. My parents divorced when I was 3. I've moved around a lot. My father didn't have anything to do with me until I was 15 and my Mum has never put my needs first. I want to be able to put my children first.

    I want my children to be wanted, have everything they need and I want to be able to be there for them.

    I believe I need to further my education, have a full time job and be in a stable relationship before I start a family.

    I'm 17

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    I personaly would keep it. I think it would make alot of changes in your life and I think theres a good chance it would be good things. Like if you have bad habits or any thing like that, that having a baby might inspire you to be an even better person. But if you would not want to keep it they have things where you can give it up for adoption and choose the parents so you can be assured that the baby would be going into a good home. I think your last choise should be abortion because its better to give that baby a chance to have a good life instead of none. I dont think its a bad thing or any thing just that the first to are better choices.

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    I'm 15 and I'm having the baby of my boyfriend of 3 years. We're gonna keep the baby and we love him/her no matter what. I don't believe in abortion, no baby should pay for their parents actions. I cried for 3 days when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend didn't go to school for a few days when he found out, he was to shocked. But we're both okay now and looking forward to starting our life together.

    Samia.15.& 12 weeks pregnant with Sam's baby

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    I'm only 13 so that would really be a tough one.

    But I think I would have and keep the baby.

    My dad doesn't work because he is disabled and my mom lost her job and isn't able to get back to work. We're pretty hard up for money but we get social security and food staps so they'd find a way to make it work. My parents could take care of the baby while I'm busy with other things. The college I'm going to someday is only a mile away from my house. It would work out somehow. But that won't happen because I take precautions to avoid getting raped and I will not have sex at least till I graduate highschool, and am in a relationship that is likely to develope into marriage.

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    I would try and do my best to take care of the baby from nw on.

    I don't believe in abortion, I might go for adoption but open or keep it.

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    if i got pregnant right now. i would be happy. i would definitely not abort the baby. i currently have a 19 month old son and i am a teenager so i know from experience that every thing would work out.

  • I would keep it because there is no reason to have an abortion at any age its a human life inside of you but good luck

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    i am in my teens for another 2 months...and i would def keep him or her i would be scared and cry at first but then i would cry cuz i was happy because they aren't sure i can have kids

    i would quit my job since I'm a CNA and don't want to lift at all or risk getting myself hurt/sick or my baby

    and maybe get a job at the mall or something like that til the baby was born

    i would also get married since my bf has been bugging me about it any ways (we have been together almost 4 years) i would for insurance reasons and so my baby wasn't born to unwed parents

    now if i would have been like 16 which is possible i would have stayed in school and kept the baby i wouldn't have cared what ppl would have said i would have been happy and i know my bfs family would have been and my family would have delt w/ it ( my dad would be the only one ok w/ it)

    Source(s): 19 year old girl
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    I would keep the baby. I did keep the baby. I was 19 when I found out and now she is almost 2.

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    i found out i was pregnant today only to at the same time have the doctor say that i was likely having a miscarriage(as i have been bleeding for the last 2 weeks) but its too early to tell for sure, now i have to wait till Monday to see for sure. i only wish i had a choice, just follow your heart not your head do whats best for you and things will work out. i know alot of mothers who were 17 when they fell pregnant and there doing fine, its hard but its equally hard for everyone. the real question is can you live with it?

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