Is Saudi Arabia the Worst Society for Women?

We condemned the Taliban for their treatment of women and their intolerance for any religion but their own. Their legal system based on a radical interpritation of Islam. Yet Saudi Arabia is at least as bad in all aspects of it society. Big story of a girl being raped and she gets 90 lashes with a whip and 6 months in jail for being gang raped. They got her on charges of being in a car with a man.

This is savagery, yet we turn our heads unless GW Bush says it's wrong as he did about the Taliban and Saddam Hussien. But he won't say anything against the Saudi's becasue he and his family are doing lots of business with Saudi Arabia. Remember that picture of GW Bush holding hands with the Saudi Prince?

Read the following story and then tell me the difference between Saudi Arabia and the Taliban. Oh, and most of the guys who attacked us on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia as does most terrorist funding.

If we condemn and act against one, we should condemn and act against all.

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    i think so because in Saudi Arabia women are given less privelege than men,like even if she works and earn her own money she gives her money to the husband.The husband is the one handling the finances.Second, women are treated unfairly if she divorces her husband she cannot take custody of her children.Women cannot leave the country without the permission of the father or should be with a brother.Marriage is with the likeness of the parents.

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    Sharia is greater advantageous than merely “regulation” interior the prescriptive experience. it is likewise a technique during which a jurist engages the non secular texts to envision divine will. As a jurist-made regulation, the consequences of this technique of ascertaining divine will is termed fiqh (valuable regulation), it particularly is the ethical and criminal anchor of a Muslim’s finished existence. Sharia governs each and every ingredient of an observant Muslim’s existence. The sharia juristic inquiry starts with the Quran and the Sunna.The Quran is the Muslim Holy Scripture — like the recent testomony for Christians or the previous testomony for the Jews. The Sunna is basically the prophetic occasion embodied interior the sayings and habit of the Prophet Mohammed. Westerners desire Islamic regulation badly and that they do no longer know.

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    In saudi, the freedom for Women is very less..

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    The stories are created about SA are all fake and fantasy of sick western minds. These stories are created to justify hesdonist perverted culture of west, where woman is just seen as an business commodity to satisfy man's lust.

    First contol the rate of rape in US..

    OK I have read the story..There is no such proof that it was a rape. They conisdered it as sex with consent. Also, there was rigid law in Saudi to avoid such incidents which she violated. It is not just woman men are also given punishment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    saudis treat their camels well than women.need i say more?

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