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INTERNET relationships?

whats you'r feedback on internet relationships, romances?, maybe so!?


yes, they meet online, and take things from there, mature adults.

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    Mature people, I find nothing wrong, be sure you do a check on them though. As far as you know, I could be all I claim, but thats not always the case.

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    An internet relationship is a relationship between people who have met online, and in many cases know each other only via the Internet. Online relationships are similar in many ways to pen pal relationships.

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    It's no different to meeting a stranger any other way is it ?

    I guess the difference would be that you get to know them a little better, presuming that they are truthful (I understand some aren't).

    So long as it is online and it's not interfering with your life, there is nothing wrong with it.Even I enjoy the odd flirtation , it's good for the soul, but that's where it stops

    For the singles, if it moves into meeting in person, the same rules have to apply as would if you were meeting someone you'd never spoken to. Meet in a public place and take it slowly.

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    Well I was always a hater when it came to online relationships but some how ended up in one. About 10 hours driving distance between us. 6 months later we were married, 2 years later, one of the happiest married couples I know. It really made us connect through conversation and personality before the physical attraction.. So it depends on the people I say!!

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    Do you mean people who meet on the internet and then start relationships in real life?

    If so, then I think it's fine. I have a couple of friends who are dating people they met online, one of whom is getting married, and he's a great guy...just a bit shy.

    How else do people meet people these days? You have just as much of a chance of meeting a psycho (or a sponger, or a jerk) at a club as you do through the internet, and you can use the time before you meet to get to know them, screen them a bit.

    Of course, you gotta be careful about how you meet them, too, but that's common sense...

  • I have made some wonderful friends on the net ....but romance ?? No way !! I can not get into an emotional relationship without having met some one ....and not too once or twice has to be a sustained one to one relationship before I will say I am romantically involved.

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    5 years ago

    Yeah, I met a guy 4 1/2 years ago in a chatroom and met him in person about a week later. This was the 1st time for me to do that. Anyway, we've been together ever since and finally got married in Vegas last July=D

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    No, I'm sorry but I think it's not a good idea.

    How do you real know how they are.?I know me and I'm not the same on here as I am in real life.

    I'm a hard a$$ that does it by the book. On here I'm open and say things I would never say face to face. Well maybe I would.

    But It doesn't mater this way you can have fun and go on with your life after it's over. Don't let your feeling come in to it. Are you will be sorry and not be able to do your job and not see things that any other time you would have.

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    It works.

    I have met lovely human beings on the net & I am dating a wonderful girl from an internet website (already in real life, in my city).

    It is the same as in real life relationships with the aproach of a wider diversity and improved searching+matching capabilities. Of course... Get it out of the internet as soon as possible, nothing equals real life interaction.

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    No one knows about every ones future.

    So, yes it could be happen also through Internet communication.

    As long as they trust each other or Its really their Destiny.

    There's no such any reason to say negative words regarding that relationships bc there's too many relations in our surroundings has more headache than through Internet ways.

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