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'Do not disconnect' screen won't go away.?

When I tried to sync my iPod tonight it wouldn't appear in iTunes or on my desktop but still came up with the 'do not disconnect' screen. Since I couldn't see anywhere to eject the iPod I just pulled it out and was going to try again. Now it is still saying 'do not disconnect' and won't turn off, when I plugged it back into the computer it did nothing and the hard drive isn't spinning.

Any ideas about how to get rid of the 'do not disconnect' message? Thanks

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    There are answers in your previous identical question here;_ylt=Aq_0q...

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    switch everything of while computer is conected to Ipod

    remove the laptop battery if its a laptop, or unplug the PC from the wall.

    remove Ipod

    restart PC or laptop

    restart Ipod and plug again

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    mine does that, you are able to disconnect it at any time as long as that's no longer syncing. yet whilst some thing would desire to ensue, like it won't activate once you disconect it, purely carry the midsection button and the menu button on the comparable time till the apple style seems on the reveal screen. that would desire to restoration it.

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    Click on the eject button first on your itunes before you take it out.

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    Format it... then rerun the itunes. Thats what i did.

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