how to prepare sodium acetate??

hi,i want to know how to do sodium acetate.i heard that we need to boil vinegar in a pan and then add in some carbonate soda..then let it to cool and ice crystals can be made.but i dont think so this is a right way..can anyone help me??

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    To obtain sodium acetate crystals u need to boil it. But for the actual rection u mat not need to because this is the well known "fizzing" reaction between baking soda(sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (acetic acid)

    CH3–COOH + Na+[HCO3]– → CH3–COO– Na+ + H2O + CO2


    84 grams of sodium bicarbonate react with 750 g of 8% vinegar to make 82 g sodium acetate in water. By subsequently boiling off most of the water, one can refine either a concentrated solution of sodium acetate or actual crystals.

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