Who's better: Devin Harrs or Monta Ellis?


there both good

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why is this in comics and animation,lol. Even though Harris and Ellis, would look pretty awesome in animated basketball feature. Anyways my pick would be Devin Harris,because he's probably the 3rd fastest player in the league behind Leandro Barbaso,and Lebron James. He plays good defence and before he got injured, he was playing some pretty good ball against one of my fav teams the Hawks. He also has been in the league longer, has more postseason experience, and has a better supporting cast then the GSW. When it's all said and done, Ellis probably will end up being the better player though, because his upside is tremendous. I've seen that kid do some pretty amazing things out there on the court, that just make some players look like their still in high school.

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