What benefit do polos have for my horse?

I'm thinking of buying them because I'm sure there's a benefit. And they look super cute and prestige when matching with the saddle pad.

So is there any benefit other than cosmetic? When buying them what qualities should I look for?


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    The are used for tendon support. You must know how to wrap them proper;y or you could severly injure your horse plus if your pony is out of shape do not use them. It is also good to streetch your horses legs before you wrap them.

    It is also good just to stratch your horse in general to make them more flexible and to allow blood to move smoothly thoroughout the body.

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    Well, I personally choose mine depending on the quantity of leopard spots in a square inch, but when I bought my flame wraps it gets tricky... JK! I love the flashyness it adds, but it also protects your horse's legs. Provides a little supports, but also protects from overreach, and stones that may clip up!

    Qualities to look for? Not torn or whatever, but a polo is a polo is a polo. Wide velcro is nice though, and thicker material lasts longer.

    Buy wraps that are long enough. Trust me, it sucks to run out of wrap halfway back up the back legs!

    If you haven't put polo wraps on before, make sure you have someone show how to wrap them correctly! And don't get frustrated if it takes you a while to get the hang of it!

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    Not much. They add a little cushion from jumping poles or obstacles and can keep the horses legs warmer, but that's about it. They can do terrible damage if wrapped incorrectly, coming undone, get wet, used outside on the trails and get caught in brush, etc... :-( Too much of a risk for inexperienced riders.

    Here's a link that can explain wraps and bandages better than me:


    **Some flimsy leg wrap isn't going to take 1000 lbs of horse weight from the tendon, not even a small fraction of it. LOL That's what people think they do, but in reality only some top quality boots do this.

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    They offer some tendon support - and on occasion they offer over reach support should the horse strike high on the leg. They are all pretty much the same from all manufacturers. If you wash them regularly they last for several years. Go with the wider velcro, they last longer.

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  • Kayla
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    Polos provide protection from your horse's own leg's actually. if a horse knocks his legs with his hooves while being ridden, polos are used to protect the leg from being cut. Be sure you know how to wrap them however, because they can hurt your horse really badly if they are wrapped incorrectly.

    This might help:


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    They can somewhat protect their legs. You can also use them to wrap shipping wraps in their legs. It is very comfy though. More comfy then boots. They can really flex in the.

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