Is resident evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Mario galaxy any good?

Also, do you really need the wii zapper for the RE game.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, you don't need the Zapper. All the Zapper does is hold the Nunchuk behind the Wiimote in a vaguely gun-shaped position. It doesn't add any functionality at all, and there's no way for the game to know if you have one or not.

    Galaxy is pretty much Mario64 on steroids. Quite good, rather trippy, and not hard at all until about half-way through.

    RE:UC isnt' going to make any new fans of On-Rails shooters, and porbably not any new RE fans. But people who like either of those will enjoy the game a lot. It's pretty tough even on the Normal difficulty, never mind Hard. Looks to have plenty of replayu value for people who like obsessively collecting everything in a game.

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