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Pregnet question?

ok i have the stragest feeling im pregnet. like all of a sudden ive been thinking about it more and my bodys changing like my last pregancy (i miss carried at 3 months). I'm getting wierd cravings and sick in the evenings like around 8om and then again at 5 am. my stomachs bloated? ive been acually trying for a baby the past 6 months, then one day about 1 week ago i kinda gave up, not not compleatly hopless but it wouldnt matter if i did or didnt get pregnet. now my abdoman cramps, but i dont bleed, and it only cramps slightly?

sound familer moms?

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    Well, there have been many times when I thought I was pregnant because I exprienced symptoms that I had experienced with my first. It is not necessary that whatever you feel may be pregnancy. Go to your doctor and ask him/her to do a pregnancy test OR go get a pregnacy test yourself from a drug store. This will keep you from wondering..

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