Is megabus safe?

I'm going to take megabus from LA(union station) to Oakland at night(12am) for Thanksgiving. I'm going to have my luggage with me so I'm wondering if I need to watch out for anything. Is it safe to ride it? Can I trust that the bus will be safe? Or do I need to be alert and should I have some way of defending myself?

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    The LA to Oakland/San Francisco service has only been in operation a couple of months.

    Yahoo have a group for Megabus enthusiasts, with 241 members.

    I'm certain you should get some helpful info and reviews there:

    The Megabus site has contact information too:

    You can email them directly from their site to enquire about their safety precautions.

    Personally I'd be more concerned about getting off the bus at night in Oakland.

    You can also reach customer service by calling:

    877-GO2-MEGA (877-462-6342)

    Between 6:30 AM and 10:00 PM CST Mon - Sat,


    6:30 AM and 8:00 PM CST on Sundays.

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    have you seen the kind of people who ride that thing???? talk about eclectic eccentric! lets just say they are a little different.

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