Where is the best bar/night club to celebrate your 21st birthday in the Kansas City Area?

I'm planning for my 21st birthday, and I'm not sure where I want to party at. I don't even know if KC might be the best place. I usually visit Olathe (I live three hours away) every couple months. If Kansas City is not a great bar/club scene where else would you recommend? I will go as far as Springfield, MO; Tulsa, OK; or Wichita, KS. Also if you want.. you can recommend a drink! :D

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    Westport in KC, MO is pretty good for a 21 year old. There are hotels nearby so you can hoof it for the night.

    You might also want to consider Lawrence or any other college town. You'll have a much higher concentration of youngin's there.

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    Ya um.. amybe do Bowling at one of the nearby bowling allys or go to PowerPlay, I live in Kansas City so I know there is a PowerPlay in Kansas City!! Near U

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    Westport is usually pretty fun, its in KCMO. They have a lot of bars in a couple block radius. There are some good bars in overland park too. Mickey's Irish Pub is good, they have good birthday specials. Lawrence might be good too, its a college town with lots of bars.

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    For your age Westport will be fun.

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    Kidding! don't do it! topeka's dreadfully boring!

    I can't personally recommend a place but i found this link:


    hope it's helpful!!

    Happy birthday! Be safe!

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