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Is Iraq turning out as the neocons planned?

ie, is the neocon goal to build an actual stable democracy from which the US can withdraw and be proud, or is it to maintain a never ending millitary presence in a destabilzed country (if they're fighting amongst themselves, then they can't fight us).


To the three responses so far to the effect "the surge is working". That was not my question. My question was what was the real plan back in 2001 and have they executed on it.

If we accept the assertion the surge is working that still does not address what the real goal is in iraq. (Bush has not defined what "winning" in iraq is, but that's a different problem).

I don't think the term neoconservative is a smoke screen--it is a label like any other for the core political philosophy the executive branch is excuting on.

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    Yes, it was always meant to be a never ending occupation where Iraqi oil can be stolen:

    and never ending war profiteering where the defense contractors get no-bid contracts to plunder the U.S. treasury to the point of bankruptcy.

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    I don't think they had a plan just a fantasy. They have consistently shown themselves to be out of touch with the real world, assuming that having the right ideology is more important for success than competence. I think this is why they never doubt themselves no matter what the results of their policies. If I had pushed for a war that turn out so badly for the US, I would not show my face in public for years, but now they want to attack Iran. They have no shame.

  • Yes, the neocon's goal was always to set up a situation where they could funnel American taxpayer dollars into the pocket of their favored contributors. By that measure, it has been a resounding success. I hear that Bush is going to to make another carrier landing to celebrate it.

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    The surge is working and we are winning.

    I am sorry this disappoints you, I know that you libs feel your power would be enhanced by a US defeat but it ain't gonna happen.

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    The surge is working.

    Source(s): You should watch more Fox News. The only fair and balanced news source.
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