When I try to get into canasata games rooms I get a message to say I'm banned until 17/11/07. Why?

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    I play cribbage alot and got banned a while back - I think it was when I had a bad ISP and it kept knocking me off line while in the middle of a game.

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    I play lots of pogo and I have been banned from rooms without doing anything wrong. The rooms I have been banned from had the same thing in common... I clicked to connect and never got to connect to the room. I guess some sort of connectivity issue got me banned or suspended somehow. Now I see red flags in those rooms. Whenever I'm browsing for a game.

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    unless it was reported abuse, My best answer is yahoo's anti bot program got you by mistake.

    In yahoo GAMES! this is what's happening. Several months ago yahoo installed a program to catch web cam bots. People started getting banned by the hundreds, now most people know about this program. But it still catches a few in their eagerness to get back to the game they got booted or disconnected from. “The problem now is that yahoo has added new technology in it’s efforts to stop the newest wave of poker/spam bots. And like the older version it’s got lots of glitches”.Now doing even common things like table hopping, chatting fast and a lot in lobby. Can get you banned by yahoo. If your DCed or booted out of game for low ping. It's better to wait or use the time to reboot, then it is to rush back and risk losing playing privileges for a couple days. And try not to hop around or do a lot of fast typing in lobby. The tourney Tds run into a problem, “scrolling ads” for their tournaments.

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    You probably had too many compaints from people. They will put you on "restriction" for a little while.


    They may be updating the site.

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