People going on and on about how busy they are..?

I figure people fit in one of two groups - 1) those who include you and make you a part of their busy life, and 2) those who exclude you/reject you and talk about how busy they are. - I noticed this after my wife died. Some people spent very little time talking to me at all, but they spent the 20 seconds telling me that they loved me and that they cared, and there were others who spent 5-10 minutes explaining to me how busy they were and how they didn't have time for me. Personally, I don't buy the excuse. You make time for the people who are important to you. I'll never buy it. The people who usually do make time for me are usually many times busier than the person giving me the excuse. I have a better chance maintaining a friendship with a CEO, Military General, or some other leader than I do a typical church person because the leader knows how to manage his/her time. ..

Am I right about this? Is it really rejection if they keep talking about how busy they are???

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    Yes, i think youre onto something and youve really helped me clear my head about some things. Guys that text me all the time saying theyve been so busy and they cant hang out... its really just cuz they dont want to. and yes u make time for the people who are important to you.

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    You are right. They know how to manage their time. I hate church people and their excuses. I know a few of them.

    The one i love is very important to me and i know he likes whatever time i give him. He feels like i care for him if i try to call him even for a few minutes. I know i try very hard not to come up with excuses because i believe like you do, I don't buy the excuse and i don't expect him to do it either.

    I do tell him ahead of time that i will be doing something and will not call him so not to look for a call from me but i will call in couple of days.

    I was moving, i was depressed,but i did call as much as i could during these times.

    I don't drop my friends or family because they do not keep in touch with me like i do with them though.

    I just tell them it is great to hear from them and talk, catch mom was good at keeping in touch, i believe i picked it up from her, so it is sometimes just what we have learned from the past.....

    I don't believe it is rejection, The people just don't know how to start a conversation without giving out the reason first.

    It would be nice to just start off with,"Hey, Joe, this is Harry, what has been going on with you, i have not spoken to you in a while.?"

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    It isn't rejection, but rather a narcissistic person who has to go on and on about themselves, confusing you with someone who cares about their activities. They can't focus on another person for more than two seconds.

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    i know what you mean , i wouldnt call it rejections really more like nonappreciation u know like they might care but their so caught up in their stuff that they forget about others and only when its to late they realize it ?? or their just selfish bastards

    P.S.. sorry about your wife

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    its sad hey it hurts too.

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