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Hair Advice Please!?

Hi, okay i have natural blonde hair. I was wondering what type of brush i should be using. Are natural boar bristled brushes good for hair? It makes my hair extremely oily, is that normal? I appreciate all the advice.

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    Boar brushes are fantastic.

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    Boar-bristle brushes are easier in the hair, and are great for smoothing away frizzies. You must brush your hair often. Oil tends to accumulate in the scalp, leaving the ends parched for moisture. Brushing spreads these oils, thus leaving your hair shinier and healthier. :)

  • Boar brisle brushes are great for your hair. It is bringing your natural oils down your hair shaft it does not make it oily. You can also try a ceramic ionic brush. It is great for the hair and also adds shine.

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    yes it perfect.

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