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How can a girl look like she's asking for it?!?

I had a chat with my b'friend last night about why he wants me to have sex all the time and he said its cos I walk round looking like Im asking for it so thats why he and his mates have to do it because they can't think of anything else when they're around me!! Apart from when they are just chillin which is never for that long!

How do I look like this?? I wear jeans and tshirts nothing revealing! I am very slim with big boobs (which I don't flaunt!) is this asking for it though???? If so is that fair if a girl cant help what she looks like?

What is it about men that makes them think about sex all the time??? Do they ever get bored of it? My b'friend and who he socialises with seem to think of nothing but sex and I now feel its my fault cos of the way I look!!??


My b'friend is 30 tommorrow and his friends are like 28 and 29!! they have had other g'friends so its not like this is a novelty thing to them?

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    how old is your boy friend and how old dose he act, you might need a real man with experience not a boy with a little experience

    Source(s): 30 dose not mean he is mature he also might be a natural jerk
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    no its not your fault. I feel bad for you good looking women I dont know how you put up with us perverts. My wife is sexy and she gets hit on everyday and not just guys women too.No matter how hard she trys to cover up. Its us men we have the problem. You see its in our dna to want to have sex a lot with a lot of women. We are animals humans are animals. Lions behave the same way. Thats why in the middle east the women put on clothes from head to toe. you can only see there eyes thats it. Its not your fault remeber that. Tell you boyfriend to get a xbox360 or a hobby or something. That will help keep his mind off sex. for a while.

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    You've said it all your b/f think of nothing but sex. I'm sure that is the way he alway feel about other women, especially with big boobs like you. In fact some girls behave as if they are asking for it, and in fact they are, by the way they dress, walk and talk. About men that think about sex all the time, I think that is more psychological than normal.

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    i'm sure he means that he finds you attractive and the way you act is very seductively - at least in his opinion. don't feel badly that you make him think of sex always. you could dress like a giant pickle and he would probably still think of sex. the problem is when men sexually assault women and claim that she was asking for it or that she wanted it. guys and girls are just wired differently. there are just somethings that you'll never be able to understand about the male brain (and vice versa) but that's the beauty of the whole thing :)

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    iIt has nothing to do with the way you look per say...It means he digs you and you turn him on. Even if it's your personality or the way you shake your hips when you walk come on girl we all do it... Guys are built to want it all the time...Men are naturally horny. If you don't want to have sex all the time be straight with him and say you would like a little more just hang time..And No guys don't usually ever get bored having sex or even talking about it.

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    You probably flirt and you don't know it...And you sound you put the 2 together and you have a hot, flirty girl around a bunch of guys...umm, of course all they will talk about is sex!!!

    There is nothing to be at fault about....Its nobodies fault that you're hot and guys are horny all the mise-well get used to it, because its not going to change...

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    Isn't easy for him / them to put the blame for their behaviour onto you ~ making 'you' responsible for their adolescent behaviours ....and use of manipulative language.

    What if some guy were to walk up to the boyfriend and rape him, simply justifying himself with, 'Well, he looked like he was asking for it, didn't he.'

    Or if he were beaten up and the attacker described him as, 'Looking as though he was just asking for it.'

    It's a pretty pathetic set of marbles your boyfriend has.

    It's no different from the Brain Dead Brigade who simpl-mindedly describe females as 'Hot,' whether they are or not has nothing to do with it. Theirs is the brain that signals it, that slaps the label onto what they see and (by degrees) believe their perception is like 'being given a hunting licence because they have a gun.'

    Your boyfriend simply has a 'common cold' ~ between his legs, and unfortunately, he needs to blow his nose. Just be sure it's your choice as to whether you say yes to being his 'bit of Kleenex.'


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    well when he says "you're asking for it" it's more like some sort of an excuse to do it.

    or maybe you look so s*xy that he can't help it...

    he's 30!

    then you should get married

    and i think you should still have a talk with him with his sI**-obsession... and in a nice way..

    just let him know that you're not as crazy about it as he is and just hope he understands... because it seems that he's treating you like a s** toy...and that's sad....

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    He is just giving you an excuse. He just wants to do it.

    I like to have sex with my girl twice a day.

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    Ditch the skeeze and his posse! Find a man with respect for you! With your figure it should be no problem to find candidates!

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