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meaning of (due by the beginning of the 25/12/07)

meaning of (due by the beginning of the 25/12/07)is due on 25/12 or start from 25/12

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    due by 25/12/2007 ie the matter has to be finished or handed over or submitted (whatever the request) on or before 25/12.

    Normally we do not say due by the beginning - if you have a time in mind, you can say:

    it is due by 2:00pm on 25/12/07 or

    In business we like to say close of business to indicate the end of the day eg This file has to be submitted by close of business on 25/12 ie give me the file on or before the working hour finishes on 25/12 (not a good date as is a public holiday)

    It is sometimes very difficult to judge what the beginning of 25 Dec is - ie do you mean when the clock strikes 12 midnight or the beginning of the working hours of 25 Dec eg 9am. If this cut off time is important, you may wish then to specify the time to avoid misunderstanding.

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