AOPEN 1535筆電問題

AOPEN 1535的記憶體是DDR400的嗎我之前以為是333的買下去後發現不能裝插槽不對也不知道怎麼請各位大大幫我解答謝謝

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    1.您這台筆記電腦是使用144Pin的PC133 SDRAM

    2.不是DDR 400、不是DDR 333,更不是DDR2


    4.現在還有些3C賣場有賣PC133 256M SDRAM

    AOpen`s momentum continues with unique white-box AOpen 1535 notebook

    Taipei, Taiwan, March 7, 2002 -- After the success of the product launch for AOpen 1735 white-box notebook late in 2001, AOpen is now announcing the introduction of a new 2-spindle white-box notebook targeted to resellers wishing to cater to the needs of their business power user customers. Boasting high-performance with Intel`s Tualatin processor, lots of flexibility for drives and other options and up to a 15" SXGA+ high-resolution TFT screen, AOpen 1535 is likely to be yet another hit with resellers.

    Although AOpen 1535 comes with an already compelling variety of features and options, the key point of differentiation between it and typical pre-built notebooks is the tremendous amount of flexibility available when ordering. According to Dale Tsai, Product Manager of AOpen Inc., "The lightweight new AOpen 1535 gives resellers the ability to provide their customers with a true build-to-order notebook that can exactly match their needs." Dale Tsai goes on to say, "AOpen 1535 features Intel`s impressive Tualatin mobile CPU with SpeedStep technology, available in speeds from 866MHz to 1.26GHz. It also gives the reseller a wide range of HDD and optional drive choices from CD-RWs to DVDs and two SO-DIMM memory sockets, supporting from 128MB SDRAM up to 1GB. With a one-week special order-to-drop-shipment turnaround and overnight shipment of in-stock models, we`re confident that AOpen 1535 has all our channel partners` bases covered."

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