why is circular logic so prevalent in dogmatic christian answers?

someone asked, how are we sinners?

a faithful christian said :because of the fact we are born into sin, means we are sinners....

how can you use a book to prove itself without outside confirmation and evidence?

god, is god....that makes it so

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    1 decade ago
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    The reason why "circular logic [is] so prevalent in dogmatic christian answers" is cos they don't have any other evidence to back up their insane beliefs.

    Most of them don't realise bible (aka Goat Herders' Guide to the Galaxy) was put together by a committee at the instigation of Constantine in late 300s and each bishop who voted had his own agenda.

    Most of them don't realise some stories were not included in GHGG cos they didn't sell and or support the party message.

    Most of them don't realise if it wasn't for Saul of Tarsus there'd be no xianity.

    Most of them don't know very much about their religion at all.


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    Well I have to ask then why do atheists ask for proof when it comes to religious things when they know its based on faith and personal revelations so there is no possible way anyone is going to prove their beliefs?

    Asking how we are sinners and then having a response becasue we are born in sin, is a perfectly legit response (even if I disagree with the response)

    The question wasnt asking to prove if sin was a real thing, according to your scenario. It was already making an assumption that there is a thing called sin and is asking how we become sinners.

  • The Bible DOES prove itself using outside confirmation and evidence. Not one archaeological discovery has contradicted the Bible...but many have affirmed it.

    But most Christians don't NEED to know if there's evidence for the Bible. The Holy Spirit is enough for them.

    Circular logic? Maybe it just seems that way from the outside.

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    1 decade ago

    Circular logic is, of course, no logic at all. It using the mechanics of logic to appear rigorous but with flawed information input.

    However, it is the only recourse for Christians. If you put any of their assertions up to critical and rational test then they fall almost instantly. Only self referncing arguments are immune to this sort of catastrophic failure. The trouble is that they are entirely worthless.

    So much for Christianity.

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  • It is because they are not laid out to "prove" things to you but to just "testify things" that they believe.

    A bible for instance is not a book of books with solid proof. It is a book of books that states the testimonies of prophets and followers of God. The bible alone does not probe your heart and inject it with truth. "You must read a verse. Ponder about it. Interpret it. Then you pray and ask God if what you have understood is true. " The truth will only exist if it has been made known to you. Then faith will follow.

    Circular Logic -- is just a tool a concept develop by man... a tool to validate arguments... the faithful christian you mentioned is merely testifying to you..

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    Considering that the bible is a collection of books spanning several generations, you are incorrect in saying it is only a "book". When considering the History, poetry, geneology and philosophy of religion - the Bible has a diversity of voices.

    The proof isn't in the book itself, but the inward study of the text - and the action of the Holy Spirit. The bible is only words, but God brings life. This comes from experience, not reading.

    I will agree with you, that logic you show is weak and usually from someone who really doesn't understand spirituality and how God works.

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    1 decade ago

    The whole universe is spinning in a circle as we sit here. The galaxy is circling down a black circular hole. Earth circles around a circle star. The Earth is a circle. So maybe they are on to something with this whole circular logic thing.

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    Have you ever lied? Then you are a liar. Have you ever stolen? Then you are a thief. Every person has done something sinful in their lives. If you do not consider these sins because you do not believe in God then fine, if nothing else these things are morally incorrect.

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    Because thats all they really have...

    The obviously dont have any proof...so they use the whole:

    Is god real? Yes, it says so in the bible.

    Is the bible true? Yes, because god says so.

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